June 17th, 2007

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This and that

  • Just got my airline tix to go home and visit my parents the weekend after next. It'll be a Thursday-Monday trip mainly to see the house before they move, gather up any bits they're saving for me, and see them while I'm at it. The house should be cleaned out by the time I'm there, since Carolyn is there this weekend and Nancy is coming up next weekend. As for my trip, the tickets weren't cheap, but I really can't let them move without saying bye to the house. I'll probably cry and stuff; the whole moving-out-of-Andover thing is a traumatic concept for me. But I really have missed my parents lately and hopefully it will be a nice trip.

  • Saw half of three movies yesterday -- first half of Lawrence of Arabia (over 2 hrs.!), second half of Star Trek: First Contact, second half of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? God, even when he was dying of congestive heart failure, Spencer Tracy beat just about any film actor ever in terms of amazing naturalistic technique. He never seems to be acting! Tracy died 17 days after filming was completed.

  • I've gotten a lot of new CDs recently:

    Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails
    Volta - Bjork
    LOVE - The Beatles
    8-Bit Operators - various 8-bit artists, covering Kraftwerk
    16 Biggest Hits - Roy Orbison
    Traveling Wilbury Vol. 1 & 3
    The Complete Gerschwin
    Immigrant Song (single) - Led Zeppelin

    They're all 4 stars really! And the song that gets me up and dancing the most? "Violent Heart" off the NIN album. That song ROCKS. I also love Volta. Who says the ALBUM is dead?!

  • I seem to have lost some weight, through doing some rather simple things:

    • Walking at least 10,000 steps a day, which is recommended by all sorts of health experts as a great way to stay in shape. I can do 5,000 without even trying, just going to and from work and stuff, but then I'll go walk on the indoor track or run errands after work to get the other half.
    • Working out at the huge Emory P.E. center 2x a week, mostly weights and a bit of cardio.
    • Eating a good (better, it was good before) diet, especially when it comes to lunch and snacks. No more eating at the school food court or having indulgent lunches at SABA. Now I bring my own lunch and snacks most days, go to the food court and get very healthy light meals (bagel, yogurt, 2% milk, fruit cut), and when I go to SABA I get a Greek salad or something else light. No more muffins, cheese paninis, etc.
    • Cooking my own dinner, eating out much less. My cooking tends to be very healthy, mostly out of the Moosewood cookbooks or otherwise vegetarian/ethnic. I've made cheeseless risottos, Vietnamese curry, mushroom soup, and other yummy stuff.
    • Buying an even higher proportion of my food from whole foods / organic shops. I'm going to become a member at Sevananda, the local food co-op, where I go every couple of weeks. I try to buy things in their most natural, raw state, rather than processed. Also, I try to buy local produce when I can. I avoid buying, for example, peaches from Argentina and whatnot.
    • Keeping a log of everything I eat. It's a little blue book and I've been doing it for three weeks, very reliably. It keeps me conscious of my food.
    • Drinking more water.

    Seems like it's working, since I swear my clothes are looser. I don't think it's registered on the scale, but they always say that clothes tell the story better.

  • Still having fun with David! Last time I ran into him, it was at Sevananda. He gave me a lift home. We also visited his shop, which is going to open next month. Next weekend Caleb and I are going to help him do stockwork, putting pricetags on stuff and shelving stuff. That'll be work but enjoyable company. I'm sure we'll go for dinner afterward.

There's even more stuff I need to catch up on as far as LJ goes, but I'll stop here for now!
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Oh, there's a nice big thunderstorm headed this way. I keep seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder but it's not raining quite yet... But Weather.com shows it WILL be, big time, soon! Yay! The city will smell better tomorrow.