June 18th, 2007

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Attack of the STUPID

Although it really shouldn't, I'm amazed how far, and how STUPID, people are willing to go to on things like losing weight.

Diabetics risk health to feed obsession with thinness

Girls are basically skipping insulin for years, sometimes a couple decades, to lose weight and stay thin. And meanwhile their kidneys get wrecked and they risk all the other complications of diabetes. I wonder if they are foolish enough to try to have kids while doing this! Probably.
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Wait, wait, the scale *moved*?!

So I've been doing very well sticking to the new regime -- 10,000 steps/day, healthy diet, workout 2x/week, lots of water -- and over the weekend, I got the feeling my pants were a little looser. Well, today at the gym I stepped on the scale and discovered, to my surprise, that I've lost 3 lbs. This is in about a week! So finally the work has done something I guess. I don't expect it to keep up at that rate, but I'd like to lose 1 lbs. by next week maybe. Just keeping doing what I'm doing!

(Post Caleb-blocked because he nags me about my weight sooooo much, like he wants a daily update, that I'm not inclined to tell him.)
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My dedicated office assistant

There's a cat in my desk. IN my desk. I keep thinking Luckie's going to grow out of this, she's getting older, but no, she still gets up inside the desk drawers, sneaking in from underneath and roaming around behind and in the drawers. I often have the middle drawer open, so if she climbs into the (closed) bottom drawer, she's like a cat in a den inside a tree or something. I keep hearing papers rattling around in there... sheesh, she sounds stuck, LOL. No, I just stuck my head way under the desk and her little face popped out to look at me, like "What?" OK, I'll let her be then.