June 20th, 2007

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Walking my dad's footsteps

So while looking my dad's street address as a kid, I discovered that every street in City Island is in Street View! So I just spent the past 45 minutes having a virtual roam around the island. Although my dad's parents died when I was so young I can't remember them, we always would go through City Island while in the NYC area and I spent a day there around ten years ago, so I was able to find my way around. Not that it's *hard*, mind you, as the island's street grid is like a fish skeleton, long and thin with one main street and all these little streest going out and then dead-ending at Long Island Sound.

Anyway, it was lots of fun. While I'm not sure I found Dad's house (it doesn't look quite as I remember and the location is off), I did find the little Victorian church dad's family went to, Pelham Cemetery, where like 10 generations of my family is buried, plus I buzzed by lots of cute houses and antique shops. Oh, and some yucky McMansions that surely don't belong on that island! Anyway, time for bed so I won't post the screen caps I got, but I will soon I hope.