June 23rd, 2007

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Wendy... Transformed!

I finally got around to having a serious session with a very cool online toy, the Face Transformer and managed to produce some really striking transformations, including me as an old woman, as a man, as an East Asian, etc. I think the old lady ones really are the ones that fascinate me most:

I think this is probably quite accurate.

I look an awful lot like my grandmother here.

Collapse )

One I'm not posting is the one of me being Afro-Caribbean. I think they need to improve that particular morph because I found the result disturbing in a "Isn't that kind of racist?" kind of way. I mean, the mouth was *scary*!

Anyway, try it out for yourself! The potential for icon-making seems not insignificant. Like make yourself or Paris Hilton old. Turn Dubya into a black man. Make Michael Jackson into a manga... or more of one. Et cetera.
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