June 24th, 2007

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Happy Saturday, Pride Weekend

Just watched Almaldovar's Volver. AMAZING. Daniel brought it over and at first I wasn't in the mood to watch a movie so I went and had some supper, put my clothes on the drying rack, but then I just got SUCKED IN. A-fricking-mazing movie! Absolute perfection and definitely in the same league as the best Hitchcock movies. Classsssic stuff!

Weekend's been nice so far, especially since I don't have a lot of obligations to worry about -- no looming client jobs, huge bills to be paid, or a messy house. It (my life, that is) is all actually manageably under control for a change.

Work yesterday went very well, extremely productive, with my boss Jeff telling me over and over how pleased he is with my work. It's so great to be appreciated! After work I met up with David at Prince of Wales, a pub in Midtown where Emory's LGBT community was having a Pride party. And who should be there but this woman Terri I just saw at a meeting earlier this week. Should have known but it's difficult to tell academic from lesbian sometimes, you know? Anyway, she and David and a couple of other people settled in a table for some nice conversation over beers. David and I stopped at Publix afterward and then he dropped me home.

Today was very relaxing and nice. In the morning Caleb and I went over to Luckie/Charm so I could get some pastries for breakfast. (The boys bought some last night.) We had breakfast over at Daniel's, at his place rather than on the roof because it was already so hot out. I was sweating so much from the walk to/from the pastry shop! I went home afterward and cleaned the main room (which wasn't really dirty, just needed some light work), enjoyed my Traveling Wilburys (the 2-CD and 1 DVD set arrived!), then took a wonderful 3-hour nap on the sofa, with Luckie curled up behind my knees.

I woke up in time to have a sort of dinner and meet up with Caleb for a trip up to Piedmont Park for Pride. Last year I never even made it to the festival, just the parade, so it was nice to make it up. Plus the sun had started to go down and the crowds were thinning, so it was easier to take. I really can't be bothered to plough through Pride when it's 110 and crowded. Going in the evening is much nicer. We met Daniel at the booth where he was volunteering, then wandered around. Ran into several people we knew and I enjoyed the fact that there was a huge contingent of black lesbians, who Caleb claims were paying a lot of attention to me. I looooove black lesbians, much more than I like white lesbians, honestly. Just feel much more comfortable around them. Anyway, we finally wandered back to MARTA to go home, then got together later for the movie.

Mmmmm, nice day! Tomorrow is the parade and also, I hope, some time to go wander the park more. I'm going to pack a ton of water and sunscreen because I just can't take the heat going on right now. It's very sunstroke-provoking stuff.
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Boy oh boy...

...does this comic hit the nail!

The other day I was reading through Slate's awesome "Blogging the Bible" feature and it was interesting to read the commentator discuss some of the fundamentals of the Old Testament, one of which is pretty much "You Jews need to kick everybody else out of here 'cause you rule!" Period.
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My Pretties

For years I've had a thing for dead flowers. I buy bouquets and then dry them. Usually these are roses, big ones, spray roses, and whatever else. So I have bouquets of dead roses all over. I just did a headcount and I have 82 dead roses. Give or take. I hope that's not symbolic of anything!
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