June 26th, 2007

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Voice Post -- BUGS!!!!!!

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“I am waiting at the bus stop & I am getting eaten alive by bugs. I hate been eaten alive by bugs, so I am trying to make this toast(?) to distract myself ___ It is so bad because I came from the gym & I don't shower & I come outside & I think I must be like this giant bug magnet because they love the smell of sweat & I sit down & your like ___ & these nat things & they are like biting me all over my legs, I mean I already have like 20 bites, I mean I been bit between my toes & on my bottoms of my feet & the tops of my feet & my ankles & behind my knees & my calves, I hate this & then it's going to itch for like a whole week & I just started to feel a little better & then it will happen again. This is yet another reason why I did not like summer, oh bugs.”

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