June 29th, 2007

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Voice Post -- Well, I *did* make it Boston, but..

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“Hey, well I'm still taking part in my voyage. My plane didn't arrive until after midnight here in Boston & the terminal was practically like shut down. In fact they didn't have a gate for us so they parked our plane in another gate owned by another airline & then when we got off to get on the jet way the door was actually locked. So we're all on there like open the door, open the door, but there was no one inside to open the door. So they had to get some people over there, wake some people up I guess & then we got down to our luggage area & I found my dad, but the whole luggage thing is a mess. It's like they had 6 different flights they were all delayed & the stuff's all coming in & everyone here is super over tired &, & I don't know what happened to our luggage, like maybe it got stuck over at the other terminal? I don't know but hopefully it shows up soon cos I'm falling asleep & my eyes are like crossing & getting all like blurry & my dad is gonna fall asleep. My mom's in the car out in the parking lot somewhere. She's probably asleep. So, uhhhh, I'm gonna fall, I'm not gonna have any problems falling asleep tonight. Bye.”

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EDIT: Plane didn't arrive 'til 12:15 or so and my luggage didn't arrive 'til 1:30! I don't know what's up with the baggage people at Logan. They always suck! Meanwhile Mom was so tired driving we missed the exit for 93 North and wound up going South to the entrance of the Mass Pike, but thankfully Mom found Storough Dr. and turned us around, pointed north again. Made it home around 2.