July 3rd, 2007

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Mom & Dad -- Back in the Day

I'm back! And before I go to bed -- and way before I post the huge number of pics I took over the weekend -- I want to share two very special pics.

I did scans of a lot of pictures, but for some I took pictures because they were framed and I didn't want to take them out of the frame. These two are my parents when they were about 20.

Child of immigrants,
mother of five,
computer science major

Child of WASPs,
Boy Scout troop leader,
mechanical engineer

Clickie-clickie for larger version

More pics coming, tomorrow.
sideview, obamame_sideview

My ow-y foot

Ever since yesterday I've been having that thing I get (since at least middle school) where the top of my foot is killing me.

I can never tell what causes it exactly, but it feels like some bones or ligaments right on the top (bridge?) of my foot are out of place and maybe pressing on a nerve. My instinct is to want to pop things back into place by flexing my foot, pressing on it with my hands, etc., but nothing really seems to work except "wait and see." Sometimes my foot actually gets a mottled color from it, which at times has made me think it's a vein or artery problem but it doesn't fall asleep or anything, just hurts when I walk on it. Thankfully it's only one foot!

I'm thinking of writing my sister Nancy and my mom to see if they ever have the same thing. We all have the same type of feet, bony with very high arches. Thankfully mine don't seem to give me as much trouble as theirs (arches don't hurt) but we do share some problems, I know, like our feet getting stuck if we point them, which is related to this other pain I think. I think the innards of our feet just get locked up somehow.

David gets the Luckie Seal of Approval

Once again, David was over and Luckie demonstrated that she *clearly* loves him to bits. She is ridiculously easy-going around him -- comes right up and sniffs him on the couch, lets him pet her, plays, sniffs his feet, stretches out on the carpet, etc. Often she's so much more stand-offish with Caleb and Daniel, always tense and acting like she expect a spear or be thrown at her at any moment. It makes me happy she approves of my friend.