July 7th, 2007

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OK, so forget the blond

So I dyed my hair blond last night. I thought it was neat when I went to bed, but unfortunately in the light of day, it turned out not to be quite what I was going for. Even though it seems kind of similar to the blond I had a few years ago, for some reason it's making my hair look thin and trashy. It also isn't really blond, more like orange-blond. The boys both hate it and say it's a big mistake. Daniel's suggested just doing it black, which I may do. After all, I dyed it on a Friday night so I'd have time to fix it before going back to work Monday.
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Let's try this again...

Caleb and I had a nice afternoon helping David out with the unpacking and labeling of his non-food inventory -- a ton of vintage Pyrex, 60s modern trays, "Monkey Pod" wooden bowls, etc. Always nice helping out a friend.

Afterward we biked over to the nearby CVS so I could get some black dye. Somehow I found a pack that was marked like $3.50 but was even cheaper at the register. It's permanent and I don't remember ever seeing permanent that cheap.

Anyway, it's just about time to rinse and I *know* it's worked, my head is jet black. No chemical reaction either, although that's not much of a surprise because I've never had a bad reaction to hair dye -- and I've used a whole lot of it over the years, all different brands.

I will say, however, that it took 20 min. of the 25 min. development time to get the dye off my face, neck, and hands! My fingernails are all stained purple-black. But I got the rest off so that's cool.

Soon, the moment of truth. I think it'll look fab, as last time my hair was black it was really cute, esp. with bright red lipstick.

*alarm rings*

Back from the shower. Indeed, the black looks much better than the orange. It's a new look for me. I've never had my hair *short* and black before. I even did my eyebrows, using a toothbrush and only letting the dye stay on a few minutes -- came out perfect, no Groucho-effect :)
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