July 9th, 2007

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I'm being smothered

So I get home from seeing Wizard of Oz at the Fox (wheeeeeeee! fave movie and song and theater in one event!) and find my air has conked out. Fortunately I got it going again. It was way hotter in here than outside, like 88 and stuffffffffffffy. Ew. I really need to call an HVAC company to install a new filter, clean out the coils, etc., but ugh, haven't done it yet. On a related note, I've started on getting one of my windows open but the last bit, getting the gunk off the outside (from inside) is going to be tricky. I think I need a man for it. And maybe I need to wait 'til its cool out and the wood contracts. I do wish it were open now, though, so I could get some air. It's truly like a living in a wet paper bag.