July 19th, 2007

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In the six years I've lived here and in the five I've had my present bed, I must've stubbed my little toe on the balled foot of my brass bed twenty times. It's just something about how it's sort of vaguely in my way on route to the main room. It's not like it sticks out, but it's just, well, there, and so is my foot.

Anyway, I've smashed it many times before, alas, but never as badly as I did tonight. Ow! This was a few hours ago and my toe is all red, swollen, slightly torn up, and really damn sore. The soreness stems no doubt from the nasty bruise I somehow got on the *inside* of my toe. I guess I smacked my toe so hard I got toe whiplash* or something?

Toe's not broken, but it sure hurts. I'm glad I wear sandals half the year, I don't think I could put shoes on.

* This is such a good band name! Ah. To be frontman Rufus Bellisle of the punk absurdist band Toe Whiplash... would be fun.
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