July 21st, 2007

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I'm meeeeeeeeeeeelting!

It's noon on a Saturday and I have a whole weekend of my steamy, hot condo to look forward to. The HVAC is so not working, it's 86 in here right now. Luckie has wilted on the couch, the pigs are snoozing in their hut, and Pell is like "Something in my blood likes this heat!" And chirping.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Dog Days of Atlanta

Holy crap, today has been so ATLANTA.

Got up to find my air had -- surprise, surprise -- already decided to cut out, so my thermostat was up to like 85, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Caleb called about going for Saturday breakfast as usual and I ambled over his way. We joined up with Daniel and went over to our new neighborhood pastryshop/gelateria Charm and got breakfast. To do this we had to skirt through the crowds of tourists at the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola. These are mostly overweight people from the suburbs who walk way, way too slowly. On the way back we cut through Centennial Olympic Park, which is hosting an event called Lose 50 Million Pounds that seemed like an old-time revival, only with people asking Jesus to help them lose weight and crowd whipped into a frenzy by really loud hip hop music. This was particularly "Atlanta" -- using it as an adjective here -- because the whole thing was about 95 percent black and there were these huge women all over, wearing clothes that were way too tight, waving their amazingly manicured fingers in the air in the spirit of weight loss.


After that I went home, only to find my place had grown even hotter. The pigs were snoozing, Luckie had sort of fused with the couch, and as I posted, Pell was thrilled with it all. Well, I just couldn't take it, so I opened the door to the cool breeze of the hallway and laid myself out in the middle of the living room carpet. That was OK, but I was afraid of falling asleep with the door open, so I shut the door and went to bed. At that point the air system shuddered on and I thought maybe I should take advantage of that and clean up around the house, but I was tired and excited at the idea of napping in reasonable temps, so I took a nice, long nap with Luckie.

Woke up a couple hours later and it was really hot, but making it slightly better, La Boheme was on the radio, so I just stayed in bed listened to the creamy music, feeling the room get hotter and hotter. Such a summer moment! Finally I couldn't stand it, so I got up and had a lunch-snack, then took a shower because, damn, it was just so hot I was going to melt.

Then I headed out to get a fan. I've lived in this haven of heat for 10 years now and have never gotten a fan, but ugh, ugh, ugh, this was an emergency. I first went to CVS, but they were restocking and redoing the store, so there were no fans I could find. Decided to go to Target over on Moreland Avenue. MARTA was single-tracking so it took me way too long to get there, but finally I did and got a nice, tall, oscillating fan for only $16, albeit with that money going over to China. I also got a little fan for the office, a new cordless phone set, and some other stuff, since, well, it's Target and that just happens.

Anyway, the MARTA ride home was super, duper Atlanta. Had to wait a while for the train back, due to the single-tracking, and when I got on the train it was packed. So there I am with the big fan in a box and another bag of Target stuff, and out of the 120 or so people on the train, I'm one of about three white people and I can't see anyone else who even looks hot. LOL. Around me there's the Atlanta mix -- teens with fashionable baseball caps, low-low hanging pants, jewel-encrusted watches, and cellphones ringing every two seconds. Some woman with a fast food uniform is a few feet from me having this amazing phone chat in Ebonics that are beyond even me, and I think I'm pretty good at following stuff. But this was Advanced Ebonics. Meanwhile this guy across from me keeps checking me out and this little girl with her hair in pink and white beads has this little fan she keeps directing at the back of my head. Maybe she felt sorry for the sweaty white girl? Ha ha.

So I arrive at Five Points and the whole walk back to my place is this parade of people, half of them going to the 50 Million Pound Revival, the other half just hanging out I guess. This kid walking ahead of me had pants so low his crotch was by his knees. Meanwhile his T-shirt was past his knees. It seemed like a big waste of fabric to me.

I walked in the door to my roasting condo and immediately opened the box for my fan and put it together. It seems to be doing a good job bringing in the cool air from the hall. The main room will soon be tolerable enough for me to go in there and unpack the rest of the stuff I bought, give the pigs a bath, and do some cleaning up.

Caleb and Daniel leave for their annual summer trip to Vermont this Tuesday and I am jealous. I would so dive in the ocean right now if I could. Alas, can't.

P.S. Dukes of Hazard is on. And I'm watching. Because I love Bo and Luke. Really :)