July 25th, 2007

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Germany 1992 - Actual Trip

Continuing with what I started on Monday! I wanted to post this yesterday but, well, we know what happened to that idea!

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I kind of went on and on here but I could have written in a lot MORE detail, even without consulting the journal I kept that summer. I remember the tiniest little moments from that time, like they were blasted onto my brain.

Part 3 is forthcoming...
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Rudy and The Hoff*

I'm not a huge Rudy fan, but the attitude expressed in this article wins an amen from me:

GIULIANI His Plea: Focus on My Record, Not the Armchair Psychology

And on a totally unrelated note, another story I found via Huffingtonpost:

The Hoff: "I Have Seen Episodes Of 'Baywatch' That I Have No Recollection Of Making"

Wait, maybe this story isn't SO unrelated to politics. Maybe Alberto Gonzales is going to confess to a major drinking problem as well!

* This sounds like a title. Of what, I don't know.

She knows what's good for her maybe?

I love how whenever I put the pet carrier out, Luckie just walks right in. You'd think she'd have negative associations with it, as she seems to hate going on trips, but I guess her love of confined spaces overrides that.

Of course when I actually went to PUT her in the carrier, oh, noooooooooo! I had to pull her out from under the couch.

Vet Update

Despite Luckie's loud, mournful protests the entire way to the vet, I did indeed have her seen and the vet confirmed she has ringworm. I got some medicine and instructions for cleaning up my house to keep the problem at bay -- stupid fungus! -- and then got her home again. She was much quieter on the way back, thankfully.

I just threw a whole bunch of her things in the washer on a high temp, since I'm supposed to do a clean of anything she has a lot of contact with. Later I'll be borrowing the vacuum from Caleb's so I can vacuum the main carpet, some furniture, the little rug in the office, etc. And put sheets over the couch and chair, although I doubt that'll work since Luckie will crawl under the sheets.

Anyway, she's had her first treatment with the Tresaderm. She's attempted to wipe it off with her paw but she doesn't seem to be reaching it. (The one spot is between her ears.) Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Luckie seems to know she's due for some special attention; she keeps sidling up to me looking for extra love and making goo-goo eyes with me, like "Big tuna steak tonight? Pleeeeeeeeeease?"
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Ever since I went to the vet, I've been itching. I wonder if there were fleas there. I *hate* fleas and cannot believe people could put up with them for more than five minutes. They bite me even more than mosquitoes. One time fleas got me so bad I had to actually go to work -- and alas, it was my first week on the job -- with ACE bandages wrapped around my legs, from angle to knee so I wouldn't scratch.

Either that or I'm having a sympathetic reaction to my cat's ringworm.
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Go, pudgey man, go!

And who says reality TV can't be heart-warming? Check out this average guy who came on Britain Got Talent and blew everybody away. With an aria.

All I can think is, his mom must be SO proud of him!