July 26th, 2007

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Voice Post: The Little Things

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“I tend to find humor in little things I see around me, like unintentional comedy, quirky vernacular fashion statements, bizarre anomalies. I mean, you see Santa Claus riding on top of a baggage truck at the airport, you notice, right? Well, most people DON'T. So often I'm there smiling to myself, cracking up, and everybody else is there being a grump. Look around you, the world is funny.”

Transcribed by: wiebke
ice cream

Help, help, help!

I can't stifle my peals of Keith Moon-level giggles...

Harry Potter Book Disguises

Do you love Harry Potter, but think you're too old and too awesome to be seen reading the books?

We have the solution, my friend. Print these out and you can safely read your Potter in front of all those ex Navy SEALS at the local strip club.

Link contains no spoilers... that I can spot anyway.

My absolute favorite: Alcibiades: Zombie Executioner, Volume III (close-up). I mean, how can you NOT laugh at: "Will the zombie executioner be able to save his wife and daughter from the ravages of the zombie lord, Socrates, and his legions on undead?" And the "review" quotes? ROFL...
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