July 28th, 2007

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Bad, Bad Air

I am really, really sick of my central cooling system not working. I can get it to work only by turning the whole thing off at the electrical box for a few minutes, then restarting. Unfortunately it only keeps going for at most a couple of hours before conking out again. I know it needs maintenance and likely is overheating from all the crap on the coils. I think I've found a good service company to call but you know, phones... But I will call Monday or Tuesday, this is intolerable. I'm lucky it's not even worse, since the weather's been relatively mild the past two or three weeks, with some rain and overcast, rather than scorching 100+ days, which would just push me over the edge and possibly bake my pets while I'm away at work. The new oscilating fan is helping some but coming home and walking into the smell of hot, humid barn (guinea pig hay, cat food, birdseed, litterbox, etc.) is just gross no matter what the fan is doing.
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