July 29th, 2007

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For once somebody ignores my REAL name

Just posted this to mock_the_stupid but in case it gets rejected by the mod...

The other day I went to my bank to deposit some client checks into my business account. Because there wasn't anyone in line for the teller, I decided to go that route instead of using the ATM as usual.

So I go up to the young lady and present my checks, along with a deposit slip, which is from my own book so it has the name of my business on it (see icon), along with the usual contact info.

The teller glances down and starts to grin. "Whoah..." she starts, "that is so cool!" She looks at the deposit slip more closely. "Your name is Metro? Why'd your parents name you that? That's such a cool name."

I blink at her and burst her bubble. "You know that's not my name right?" I ask. "That's a business account, it's my business."

A (dim) light dawns. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh," she says. "The reason I thought it was your name is, I knew a girl named Girl. Well, not really, but her mother always called her 'Girl' so it was like 'Sally Girl.' That's why I thought Metro Girl could be your name."

I genuinely do like people and will say that this teller was very friendly... but... wuh?


Of course I still think the funniest thing is the City of Atlanta accusing me of being an adult entertainment business. But that's another story.
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Relaxing Weekend

Aside from dealing with hot, stagnant air at my home base, had a very satisfying weekend. I enjoy the freedom of 1) not having the boys around to interfere with my schedule and 2) not having much in the way of Metro Girl or IP work or even housecleaning work to mess with the schedule either. So instead of building my schedule around time with the boys or needing to clean or finish up some client project, I just went ahead and did what I wanted to, with the one obligation being taking care of the cats, which isn't all that hard.

So this is what happens when I can just do what I more or less want:
  • Friday - Got home from work, took care my pets, then ordered takeout from Ted's Montana Grill, one of their awesome veggie burgers.

  • Friday - Ate burger etc. on Caleb's terrace while Sophie hunted bugs. Finished up watering Caleb's plants, chatted with Tom and Paula, who happened by. Had nice long bubble bath in the jet spa.

  • Friday - Went over Daniel's and took care of Pugsley, watched a TV bio of Dean Martin and the first half of one of Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • Saturday - Slept in a bit, tended my zoo, tended Sophie over at Caleb's, then walked over to Charm for some breakfast, which was exxxcelent.

  • Saturday - Walked over to David's store, which was having its first day. Store was wonderful and many of the people I'd sent emails to inviting dropped by, which thrilled David to bits. Enjoyed many free food samples, free lemonade, then eventually had a delicious sandwich and drink for lunch. Walked home again.

  • Saturday - Took a nap for a couple of hours.

  • Saturday - Cleaned my main room, including doing actual vacuuming. Sofa and rug look totally renewed.

  • Saturday - Had small dinner, went over Caleb's to tend Sophie, then popped upstairs to where Robyn & Stuart were hosting a birthday party for Steve. To my surprise, David turned up, plus there was good food and drink and general company to be had.

  • Saturday - Decided to sleep over Caleb's. Found myself unable to sleep, plus Sophie was jumping all over me and attacking my feet. Finally conked out after hours of struggle. Slept late.

  • Sunday - Woke up feeling super groggy as usual, but managed to give Sophie her weekly medicinal bath, water all the plants again.

  • Sunday - Went to Landmark Diner for breakfast, had nice runny eggs, which I mopped up with rye bread and hashbrowns. Yum!

  • Sunday - Read the paper, did some crosswords, fell asleep for a nice long nap.

  • Sunday - Picked up the bathroom and bedroom, did laundry.

  • Sunday - Went over Caleb's to tend the cat, then over Daniel's, where I fixed the cat's automatic litterbox, tended His Royal Pugsleyness, and indulged the extreme guilty pleasure TV shows, and ate up various perishable foods in the fridge.

And now I'm going to catch up on my email I guess, maybe make some popcorn, and enjoy just relaxing.