August 1st, 2007

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What News Corp Owns

Yes, they own EVERYTHING. Or at least what isn't owned by Time-Warner/Turner/AOL and the other handful of mega media corporations!!!!! A detailed list of all the books, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, studios, TV channels, satellite networks, cable networks, internet ventures and other assets owned by News Corporation.

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At Caleb's

I've over at Caleb's using my laptop's and *somebody's* wireless. Huh. Caleb's network comes up in the list and I have his password but I get an error about needing a key, so guess it won't work. Bummer, as his connection is great and very reliable. Ironically, my own home wireless has never worked for more than 10 minutes at a time, yet I've never been able to secure it. It just dangles out there and no matter what I try, I can't get it password protected or anything.

Meanwhile, Sophie is here driving me nuts. She's doing this whole NEEEEEEEEEDY thing and, I guess due to the heat, I'm getting pretty irritated. First there's her obsession with jumping on the terrace wall and railing, which isn't healthy since we're not at ground level and the "ground" is concrete. No matter how many times I take her down and tell her no, grab her neck, she goes right up there again and starts chewing on this one tree of Caleb's. Finally I closed the door and then of course she decided to be annoying inside. She keep throwing my eyeglasses off the desk, sitting on the mouse, playing with the wires, sitting on my hands, getting underfoot, and whining, whining, whining! I've often wished Luckie were a tad more affectionate but ugh, this uber-clinginess is rather too much. Yes, the darling's mommy is out of town, but still!

EDIT: I got her to quiet, albeit briefly, but letting her curl up in a ball on my bosom/tummy. I could still use the computer. Alas it didn't last. I had to *hide* my eyeglasses because she kept fetching them and dragging them off the desk. I have no clue why they are considered a toy.