August 2nd, 2007

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21 Amazing Pigeon Facts

I know they are kind of gross at times -- believe me, with the greasy ones in my neighborhood, I know! -- but I really have a thing for pigeons. Here's a web page with 21 cool pigeon facts, obviously created with love. The most surprising thing? Pigeons actually test as pretty intelligent. Considering I've seen pigeons go lay eggs on a slope over and over and never learn that the eggs wil roll off... I'm a bit stunned. I now want to do experiments on the local pigeons.

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My New Catchphraase

For the past few days I've been using a new catchprhase:

From the Department of What the Hell

In context: I'll discover there are suddenly 12 emails from my boss and go, "Man, that' a memo from the Dept. of What the Hell!" Or I'll see somebody pulling their weave off: "Oops, put in a report to the Department of What the Hell!"
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Oma's Special "Shakes"

Growing up, I always used to make myself "shakes" at home, only they were a special kind of shake. Mom taught me how to make up a "shake" by putting a glass of milk and one raw egg in the blender. For flavor you could do various things, like a teaspoon of sugar, some vanilla, or if you were weird like me, a bit of jam or some peanut butter. I used to make this a lot but gradually the practice faded and until recently I had forgotten about it. Then I remembered and thought, "Whoah, why was Mom having me drink milk and raw egg?!" So I asked her about it and got the scoop: When Mom was a kid, Oma would make her up the same thing, as a quick breakfast. After all, if you have milk and an egg, goes the German logic, you are all set! I am kind of tempted to make one such shake next time I have milk in the house, just for nostalgia's sake.