August 3rd, 2007

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From fridayfiver - Dept. of WTH

1. What is your local lake/river/sea?

Water? In Atlanta? Surely you jest!

Technically the Chattahoochee would be the local river. But since it's way off in the northwest part of the metro, I only see it like 2x a year.

There aren't any lakes in Atlanta, just a few man-made ponds, like Lake Clara Meer at Piedmont Park. The big lake you hear about is Lake Lanier, which is a giant man-made resevoir north of Atanta.

The ocean is a four-hour drive away :(

2. Do you believe in dragons and unicorns?

I believe dragons may be creations our ancestors came up with based on ancestral memories, bones, or related living animals, but I don't think there ever were actual dragons. Plus, I really, really hate movies and books with dragons in them. The only good dragon books I know of are the Magravandias books by Storm, starting with Sea Dragon Heir. Talking dragons are especially loathesome. Had to read a Dragonlance book for book group once and it made me want to heave.

Unicorns? No. Those goats with one horn don't count.

3. What is your favorite fruit?

Ripe Macintosh apple. (This is the type of apple that grows in the orchards around where I grew up. Granny Smith and Gale are kind of similar but not the same.)

4. Do you smoke?

Only when I get really mad. You'll see it coming out my ears.

5. Friday fill-in:

Together they would _____ .

Together they would explode.
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John Edwards -- Setting the Agenda for the Democratic Nomination

Digg summarizes as "Edwards has been out front on cutting funding for Iraq and ditching Fox News-sponsored presidential debates, while the other contenders have followed." I personally really like Edwards. And Clinton annoys the crap out of me and while I find Obama very charismatic and am wowed by his ability to (gasp!) speak, I don't have a sense that he is ready for national office.

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Things That Could Hurt the Democrats

From New York magazine's blog:

Six Other Things That Could Hurt the Democrats

Inspired by the logic behind an article in today's New York Sun, "U.S. Success in Iraq War Could Hurt Democrats: The Petraeus Report Worries Party Analysts," some other things that could hurt Democrats:

1. A kamikaze-unicorn attack, successfully foiled by the Department of Homeland Security.
2. World's oil resources found to spontaneously self-regenerate every 125 years, thanks to foresight and ingenuity of Halliburton and KBR.
3. Fred Thompson saves Abigail Breslin from drowning.
4. Gay marriage erodes the core of morality; Massachusetts descends into bloody anarchy while New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont descend into slightly less bloody anarchy.
5. Election-week Volvo recall.
6. The Rapture.


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I love when I'm digging around Wikipedia and find something really odd.

The Prince Philip Movement

What is it? A South Pacific cargo cult that believes Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a god.

Cargo cults are pretty awesome conceptually, but one that considers pics of the Duke to be holy relics? That is uber-awesome!

I found this bit of info as follows:

--> Wallis Spencer (Edward VIII's wife) --> Edward VIII --> Edward VI --> Queen Mum --> Queen Elizabeth II --> Duke of Edinburgh --> Prince Philip Movement

And that's what makes the Wikipedia go round.