August 4th, 2007

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Outside, it's like 95 I think. Inside, specifically inside my condo, it's 86. So whoo hoo, at least it's a *little* cooler in here. Of course it would be great if it were, say, 78. Amazing how just 8 degrees added heat is enough to make me feeling like I'm melting.

The air repair man is coming Monday afternoon. I overcame my procrastination, thanks to my new therapy book, and called him!

In other news, I gave Luckie a bath this morning -- only her second since becoming an adult. I wanted to see if I could do it, since she will probably require medical baths to treat her ringworm. Well, I did it, and absolutely shockingly, she didn't cause much trouble at all. I escaped with no scratches and she didn't even *try* to scratch me. She only moaned a couple times, softly. I looked up on the Web some tips on bathing cats and it totally worked. When I'm more awake and less hot, I will share my methods.