August 5th, 2007

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...this is the last full day of enduring life without air conditioning. It's 88, stifling and fetid in here. Having guinea pigs with their hay and rotting vegies and poo and pee makes it worse than it would be otherwise, I think. I'm surprised there aren't tropical mushrooms growing or swarms of flesh-eating flies. I keep finding Luckie spread out on the (cool) floor like she's melted, although right now she's snoozing inside the pet carrier, her new favorite nesting spot. I'm thinking about giving the piggies a bath today just so they can cool down. And I will meanwhile clean out their stinky cage. I haven't had a shower myself, but in part that's because I washed my towels yesterday and after air-drying them, they're all stiff and scratchy. Anyway, I will clean up the house as much as I can and in between do crossword puzzles.
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So Sad

This could so easily have happened here in Atlanta... hell, could have happened within blocks of me.

Authorities puzzled about mother in deaths of children left in hot car

There are a lot of people who're forced to work double-shifts who meanwhile have no child care and no sick or vacation time and also are so afraid of losing what jobs they do have that they'll resort to things like this. Very few mothers, at least not drug-free ones, are going to voluntarily leave their babies in a crib alone all day or tuck the kids in a car when it's 90 out.

Sorry for all the downer news stories I keep posting....
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Night has fallen...

...and at last Luckie emerges from the pet carrier. She's been snoozing in there all afternoon long, as apparently it's the closest she can get to hiding in a cave. She's now happily settling into her cat bed. If I were her I'd go settle down in the main room, where it's much cooler.