August 6th, 2007

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When Geeks Have Kids


From the OP, who titled the submission "Can you see it? (Give it a sec, you will...)":

I recognized this immediately as I was walking through my front room... can you see what my son made? As a geek dad this made me laugh and almost made me cry.

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If this isn't true, what IS?!

How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension37
Your crimeMasturbating. They know.
Who reported youdadi
Your fateYou discover fresh air, real life, and true love.

Don't you agree, dadi?
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They're tearing it apart!

My air system, that is.

It's pretty f'd, as expected, and they've had to yank out some vents and are presently scouring the coils. Once they find a temporary solution, they'll be coming back to patch the vent work and set up a new intake and filter system that will be *external* so I can just pop open a hatch and replace/clean the filter. Yay. Now why didn't the original builders do that, instead of setting up my air so it's entirely enclosed in a drop ceiling with no access to the filter?! (I've lived here 6 years, this is the first replacement/service EVER!)

*prays for cool*

I am so getting a smoothie from next door once they're done for the day.

EDIT: Click on the "location" for this post. Apparently Hell is a place in Michigan.
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Let There Be Artificial Cooling!

WELL! I am now COOLED! Hurray!

Phase I was just getting the system cleaned up enough so it would work. Phase II (Friday) will be giving the coils a super scrub, patching a duct panel they had to remove, fixing a drain problem, and (my personal favorite) setting up an easy-access intake panel with built-in filer so in future I can clean or replace the filter any time I want. And the contractor and his son were so polite, so efficient, so clear, I could not be more pleased.

I was so excited by the coolness, which is still hard to believe, that I took a celebratory, non-sticky, non-sweltering, non-assisted-by-oscillating-fan nap! Then about ten minutes ago, the phone rang and woke me up. An excerpt from our conversation, for the especially amusement of tharain:

[After talking for five minutes about the cooling system and other things...]
Caleb: So were you sleeping just now?
Wendy: ... Um, yes I was.
Caleb: Why? People who sleep during the day are going to go to Hell. It's in the Bible!
Wendy: I doubt that. I'm sure the Jews took naps during the day all the time. It's f'in hot there!

I'm ending that excerpt there because, hey, snappy comeback while half-asleep.