August 8th, 2007

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Good Food -- and *%$@#!! Sick Atlanta Weather

Aside from the fact that the weather was GROTESQUE, today was a good day.

The highlight? Doing my weekly grocery shopping at Sevananda, the natural foods coop. I've been going there for years, but it used to be every so often. Now that there's the 6 bus, which stops right outside by office and will drop me off right there, I go after work just about every week. The main thing I get is produce, as about 80 percent of what I buy in groceries is raw food, not "groceries." I just don't get a lot of processed anything, I process it myself. Right now Sevananda has some really nice local organic stuff, like peppers and tomatoes and corn. Yum, yum! They also have a reduced produce section, which is where a bunch of my stuff (and recently all the piggies' food) comes from. I can't ever really even see anything wrong with the reduced stuff, except apparently it's near the end of its shelf life.

Anyway, in line with my decision to only eat out once a week and prepare all the rest of my food myself, I came armed with a shopping list. Despite the fact it's not a giant supermarket, I was able to find everything I wanted excepted for sprouted mung beans, Chinese egg noodles and asparagus. And with my rather large haul, I made it outside and, just as I was about to keel over at the curb in the ultra-disgusting weather, the 3 bus pulls up and rescues me, taking me nearly to my doorstep. Back here, I made myself a fabulous "fruity rice" salad, with arborio & wild rice, apples, dried apricots, raisins, celery, yellow pepper, parsley, rosemary and other yummy bits. So I had that for dinner, along with a couple pieces of bread I got; there's this delicious rosemary & garlic loaf from Highland Bakery they offer and yummy ciabatta rolls with tons of seeds on them.

Now of course in closing I much mention the sick weather. Half the counties in Georgia were under a Heat Advisory and Atlanta / Fulton County in particular was in high alert, with Red Zone air rating. To sum up: It was 95, but with humidity, like 110, plus there were very high smog an ground-level ozone levels. So, yeah, pretty barforific. It's the kind of weather that makes you feel like your skin's burning, you're breathing in nothing but fumes, and you're walking under a heat lamp, turning into an overdone hamburger. I will even add, at the risk of breaking some PC rule, that it's so hot out today I heard and saw the black population complaining, which normally never happens unless the temps are under 70. Supposed to be like that at least through Wednesday.
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I overslept this morning and barely made it on the bus. I shouldn't have made the effort, as my time would have been better spent in bed. Between network outages, several different headaches, the disgusting weather, and the fact I have to write boring documentation, this day has been a wash.

That said, let me straighten out my head by listing out some good things...

- My home AC is working again.
- I have enough money in my checking to easily pay the bills that are due.
- I've got delicious salad waiting for me at home, plus plans to make corn fritters.
- I should very soon be able to start work on the new-and-improved Inception.
- I'll probably save at least $200 this month from not eating out.
- Wednesday night = Top Chef!

There. I do feel better now.
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Whoah! Wraeththu Fanfic! Good!

I just spent an hour reading really good Wraeththu fan fic. It's been a long time since I had something like that to indulge myself with.

Fic rec:
After the Rains
10 chapters + epilogue

It's a sequel to a much shorter story from last year, involving Thiede dealing with becoming, well, of this earth again, and a massive crush he's got on a certain Grigori-Wraeththu hybrid. I loved the original story and I love the sequel as well. Love, love, love it!

The best part of this? It's Thiede porn, and hell, there is so little of that, it's awesome that's it very well done porn!

Thank you red_shellac for making my day, which heretofore had sucked, great!

*throws confetti*