August 9th, 2007

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What am I doing up?

I liked that Wraeththu story so much I woke up at 4:30 thinking about it and finally had to get up and reread bits of it. The steamy bits! LOL. I think this is going to inspire me. To what, not sure yet, but oh my, did I did to read something like that.


There are some words that I've realized I say a bit oddly, it's been pointed out to me.

Sewer = "Sore"
I had no idea I was doing this until I confused several people, who say things like "Wait, you were talking about the sewer [soo-er] and not a sore?" For example, if I were to say "The sewer is broken," you'd think I was talking about some blister popping. I just can't bring myself to say it any other way. I want to blame my parents for this, but I think even people from the Bronx say it correctly. Ah, well.

Asphalt = "Ashfault"
I think I probably started this as a kid, becuase asphalt is kind of hard to say really. Perhaps this is why the preferred term for "ashfault" where I grew up is "blacktop."

Let's = "Wets"
I've noticed over and over how I often say things like "Wet's go!" It's similar to when people say "lie-berry" for library (drives me nuts); just can't get that one letter right.

Sandwich = "Samwitch" / "Sammitch"
Luckily I'm not the only one who does this.

I also pop out spoonerisms, which FYI are instances where you mix up the first letters or initial sounds of words in a phrase. There are some phrases I always get wrong -- "fight kying" instead of "kite flying" is a very commmon one. I'll even conjugate the mistake, i.e. "Go ky a fight!" I've made some pretty funny mistakes. One spoonerism I did on purpose was "Dichael Mukakis," which is how I referred to the former gov. of Mass.

Regional Differences
There are also a bunch of words that only sound odd or confuse people due to regional differences. Words that have different pronunciations in the South versus Yankeeland: route, insurance, vehicle, pecan. There are more but I can't think of them. Normally I run into these when I'm listening to some Georgia gov't official or local advertising. "VeHICKLE INsurance," for example. So far the only one I've really given in on is pecan, which I now pronounce as "pee-can" rather than "pe-khan." But I will never, ever say "y'all," even by accident, because that word just don't exist where I'm from. (I don't use "you guys" either. Or even "you." I just address people.)
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A Moment

I'm standing at a bus stop at the corner of Briarcliff and Johnson Roads, across the street from the Sage Hill shopping center. Cars are whizzing by, although not as quickly or angrily as they would have been earlier, since it's half past eight and traffic is dwindling. The sun has only just dropped below the horizon, or at least the hilly tree line. The air is wet and heavy; I can feel it as I breathe it in and out, as it touches my skin. The air is very warm, like an oven, but an oven beginning to cool down, as by now it's only in the 90s; earlier in the day the temperature hit 106, and that was likely in the shade. There's no bench or bus shelter, just a worn rut in some grass out in front of the animal clinic, a forlorn sign on a post marking the stop. Small flies and gnats swarm about my ankles, sipping the blood drying around recently scratched scabs, created when some other insects bit me earlier in the week.