August 10th, 2007

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"Bad" Smells I Like and Thoughts on Taste

For reasons I can't work out, I actually really like what are normally described as totally revolting odors.


Burning Hair
I remember in elementary school, I'd clean the hair off hairbrushes and burn it in a dish. I still like the smell, but I don't indulge.

Sulphur / Sulfur
I've always loved the smell of this, whether it's from rotten eggs or a natural spring. When my parents and I went to the Canadian Rockies I was in heaven with all the sulphur steam vents.

When I pass by a stinky sewer grate, like say that one on 10th St. in Midtown, I actually like the smell. I don't know WHY, it must be wrong, but it's a very interesting smell.

I also enjoy a bunch of foods, like European-style salted black licorice, that are considered similarly disgusting by most people. Even I will admit that some of the licorice I enjoy is, in a way, disgusting, but it appeals to me very strongly. Another example? Horehound. I loooove horehound candies, but I have to admit, they are rather gross. I also enjoy absinthe and this Italian bitter called Cynar, which is made with artichokes. And I love anything really, really sour. Those super-sour candies, even the ones sold in the "beakers" don't seem that sour to me. But I love Limonata soda.

Oh, so that's what it is!

Curious about the amenorrhea I've been enjoying the past six months, I went to WebMD. Well, what do you know? Amenorrhea -- a Greek word for missed visits from Aunt Flo -- isn't just something anorexics get. Among other known causes, two apply to me: 1) getting off BC pills and 2) being overweight. A ha! That said, I've gone through this several times before, including times when I was 40 lb. lighter. I think my ovaries just feel very uninspired. Am I going to do anything about this? No, because, hey, what's not to love?
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