August 12th, 2007


*This Close* To Bringing Home Another Stray

I had in my hands (and on my chests and crawling around my ankles) the sweetest, gentlest, tiniest half-year-old Siamese cat. A stray.

And I didn't bring her home!

I was over Amanda and Lee's and one the way back from dinner Amanda spotted this cat, which is one of several strays generated by sickeningly irresponsible neighbors of hers. Recently the Siamese's sister had a litter, which thanks to Amanda was picked up by local animal control. But the Siamese and at least one other sibling are still fending for themselves. This family just has these cats they just let breed and breed and don't take care of any of them. They deny all knowledge of this.

Amanda and I went a couple of houses down to where the cat was and she ran up to us. Big thick tail and ultra-soft tan fur, Siamese coloring, blue eyes. Precious darling. She let me pick her up right away, snuggled on my chest, walked on my shoulders (small cat, big person), and when I sat on the curb, curled up in my lap, purring like a car engine. Flopped onto her back, utterly content. This cat was so trusting, even moreso than Caleb's cat Sophie.

I feel so bad for that cat. I called Caleb up to tell her about it and he take to take her, but I know if I took her home just to get her to the humane society, she's end up in my house. Not that I'd mind that, but I think Luckie would. She *is* small like a kitten, and I think Luckie would get on with a kitten, but yet, no, probably not a good idea. But those little blue eyes! Awwwww!