August 14th, 2007

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Programmy Dreams

So last night I was working on a new project, a second experiment in WordPress. I only meant to work on it for a couple of hours but it turned into four. But anyway, the point is, naturally, when I went to bed, I *dreamt* in WordPress. Gah! All night long, I was feverishly calculating how to divvy up a long article into chunks, figuring in keywords, linkages, editing code. Again and again and again!

I swear, this happens every time I learn a new web technology. When I was at my first job, doing heavy, totally non-WYSIWYG HTML work all day, I had tons and tons of dreams in HTML. Also many dreams about Photoshop and stuff like batch processing and macros. When I was at ARC I had dreams (nightmares!) about the content management system, Red Dot. A couple of months ago I had ColdFusion dreams... which sounds so much like a line in some cyberpunk story I have to laugh.

Meanwhile I know my brain is going to obsess over WordPress all day long, distracting me as it repeats processes in its head and plots actions for tonight. My brain is voracious and all this dreaming and obsessing is like my brain smacking its chops. Or picture Cookie Monster eating a laptop!