August 16th, 2007

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Obviously the Drugs R Workin...

... Because I lost some emo points. For example, I no longer cry every day. And I don't wear black nail polish, but I do have some. I just can't ever get nail polish to stick, so I've given up.

You Are 44% Emo

You're not emo, but you're plenty thoughtful, unique, and even a little angsty.
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Outrageous Gov't Graft

So I pick up the paper this morning and the headline is a story about an OUTRAGEOUS instance of government graft. Like insane, blatant, pretty much THEFT of taxpayer money by a woman who apparently has no conscience and a whole lotta greed.

So, here goes, the short version.

1. Woman has post with the county, as county clerk or something, for 18 years. Works at it 18 years. By the end of this time period, she's making $143,000 a year. (Yes, really.)

2. Woman "retires" and starts drawing a gov't pension, equal to $105,000 a year. (Yes, REALLY, and what's more, for life!)

3. Woman is then rehired as an hourly employee for the purpose of assisting her replacement learn the ropes. The replacement USED to be the woman's assistant, but now is her boss. She is allocated FT employment at $55/hr., the highest pay grade available to an hourly employee.

4. Woman does not work full time, but come in for half days, from late afternoon to late evening, although other county employees say they haven't seen her around. As for what she does, officials can't find proof of anything... although she and her "boss" claim she's working on a... wait for it... "history of the clerk's department."

5. Meanwhile, behind Door No. 2, there are two funded positions in the department, which is part of the busiest court system in Georgia (and the Southeast) but those positions are unfilled, empty, because the money for that has been shifted to paying this stealing moocher historian woman!

6. County officials say they can't do anything about it, since the budget is the budget and the boss was "elected" and has autonomy. The only way to stop it would be to cut off the budget for those two positions, since that's the money being funneled to the moocher. Or, dare I suggest, launch a full-scale FRAUD investigation?

WTF?! I mean, seriously! I usually skip over all these gov't scandal news stories, like shit going on in our jails, the CEO of DeKalb County always getting into heaps of trouble, city councilmen running pretend non-profits... but WHAT THE HELL?!

Story online here, BTW: