August 25th, 2007



It's occurred to me recently that right now I'm marking a number of anniversaries, give or take a few days:

  • 1 yr. since I got tossed from my job at ARC. That was Aug. 24, as I remember it was 2 days after my birthday, which I'm sure was strategic. So a year ago, I was binge drinking and taking some long naps.

  • 2 yrs. since Caleb and I found Luckie. That was Aug. 21, the evening before my birthday.

  • 9 yrs. living in Downtown Atlanta. Caleb and I moved in Sept. of '98.

  • 10 yrs. living in Atlanta.. 10 years since college graduation. OK, plus a couple months, as Caleb and I moved from Athens in June '97, first staying with friend and then getting an apt. of our own a week later.

  • 13 yrs. since I got mega-stung (50+ bites) by yellow jackets on my birthday, while it was raining, in the middle of nowhere, a forest in Ontario. Mom put mud on it and I took a bunch of aspirin.

  • 14 yrs. since I became sexually aware and immediately came out to myself. (I never thought I was straight or gay, I knew right away I was bi.) I know it was in August, as it was just before I started college.

  • 15 yrs. since I celebrated my 18th birthday, in Meckenheim, Germany, and shortly thereafter returned to the States, a changed girl. I got a mug from Bavaria, a book about Germany and an M.C. Escher book from my guest parents -- still have these things.

  • 31 years since my first canoe-camping trip and, likely, first of many, many birthdays celebrated in the woods, as we always went in late August. My parents say I took to it like a duck to water and was never afraid of boats or anything else. I don't know about that year, but traditionally, I always got instant pistachio pudding that day, as it was a treat we could make using only water, the mix, and a bit of instant milk.

  • 33 yrs. since my dad decided to get a vasectomy. (No, really!)