August 28th, 2007

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Religious Food Flashbacks

I just ate a plain pita and as usual, my mind went straight to the Body of Christ, as in Communion. The same thing happens if I drink Welch's grape juice, the Blood of Our Lord. And if I have them together, then I just start dunking the bread without even thinking! (I've also dunked matzo in grape juice, LOL.) This is what happens when you get overexposed to white bread church practices.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Dr. Darling Speaks

So my professor sister did a video interview talking about her work and it's now on the website of some psychology researchers. Nancy answers ten questions about what she does, which is research on adolescent behavior, in particular parental-teen relations and risk-taking. She teaches at Oberlin; past posts have been at Bard, Penn State, Dickinson, Temple, Wells and Cornell.

Use the scroll thingy to go all the way to the right and the right-most one, way at the end, is Dr. Darling.

Easy Fun

Decided Luckie hasn't been getting enough playtime lately. So I attached some cooking string to one of her toy mice and have attached it to the back of my office chair. She is greatly amused. Sure, it's not aerobic exercise, but she's having fun!