August 29th, 2007

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You Can't Bank On the Bank

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the teller at a local bank who mistook "Metro Girl," my business name, for my actual name, and in addition supplying a dumb reason for doing so.

Well, today I was back at that bank and while that teller was there, I was working with another teller. She was obviously new on the job, so I guess I can cut her some slack, but both of these stupids were pretty goofy:

1) While entering in information for the cashier's check I needed, she looked up and asked, "So Seven Hundred Ninety-Eight? Is that it?" Alarmed, I told her, no, actually the check was supposed to be for $7.98 (Seven Dollars, Ninety-Eight Cents). It seems to be that entering numbers correctly should be a key skill for a teller.

2) Later, after spending over 10 minutes fussing around (with help from two other tellers), she was ready to actually print the check. "So do you want to just make this out to yourself?" she asked. I kind of stared at her for a second before explaining that no, the check was for someone else. Meanwhile, I asked myself why I would be taking money out of my own checking account and putting it in a cashier's check... for myself? Unless I was insane and decided to choose the most inconvenient format for a cash withdrawal possible!

That bank branch needs some help with the help.


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Good Cookin'

I've been basically doing all my own meals for the past three weeks and OH! have I had some yummy food. It's not sinful or anything either, just really good stuff. For a cookbook I've been using this BN-produced vegie one I've had for a few years but just hadn't explored that much. OMG, the recipes are all so easy to follow, easy to cook and yummmmmy!

Recent dishes include:

- Braised spinach w/pinenuts and raisins
- Beansprout-noodle-asparagus stir fry
- Corn cakes
- Fruity wild rice saladg
- Peanut noodles
- Leek and mushroom risotto

Tongiht I had the corn cakes again. Super easy to make.

Corn Cakes
Recipe for one hungry person, two regular people for lunch, or as a general side.

1) Use big knife to scrape all the kernels of a fresh ear of corn.
2) Soak kernels in boiling water for three minutes. Drain and rinse in cold water.
3) Mix 3/4 cup regular flour with one egg, 'til mixed well. Stir with fork and add in milk (soy or buttermilk OK) a bit at a time, until you reach a decent pancake-batter-like consistency.
4) Add corn (drained) to batter, mix thoroughly. Add a dash of salt and pepper.
5) Cook pancakes by plopping 1-tbsp. globs on a hot skillet. No oil need if you use non-stick; otherwise put a bit of oil in. Start on high, then move down to medium heat. Cook on both sides, flipping 'til the cakes are slightly brown.
6) Serve with some fresh herbs and for a condiment, I recommend ketchup.

I've also made a delicious quinoa-and-mushroom stuffed tomato dish a couple of times, using a recipe right off the quinoa box. I looooove quinoa. Not only is it delish, it's insanely healthy, ranking as one of most nutritionally complete grains and an awesome source of protein. I've been getting this special red quinoa, which is an ancient strain that has been revived. So. Good.

My next thing? This nut loaf thing. I just hope it doesn't turn out dry.