September 1st, 2007


Dragon*Con - Day 1

Just got home from Day 1 of Dragon*Con. I love that I can JUST GO HOME when I'm done doing what I want to do. SO much better than going back to a hotel room or even feeling obligated to hang out at a party. (I do love parties, but you get TIRED.)

Anyway, arrived at our (Gothic Shadows) track room around 6:30 and from 7 to 8, I ran a Poe panel, which turned out well. I think I'd like to do it again, only with a couple additional panelists, perhaps a writers or other artist who views Poe as an influence. Went well and people seemed like my handouts.

After that I was pretty much on "door duty" for the rest of the night. First there was a Burlesque panel which was AWESOME -- cheesecake, entertaining striptease, Burlesque vs. Porn, workshop on how to make pasties, PLUS a whole discussion of Weinar Berlin and "Dark Cabaret." As usual, I found myself impressed with how much actual depth of content we had, more like a classroom setting than some panels which are just a bunch of friends talking to themselves like they have nothing better to do.

Finally Michelle Belanger and another woman did a great panel that was billed as Interview with a Psychic Vampire but was much broader, going into mythology, the real vampire movement, communities, energy workers, mental illness, the science of human decomposition, vampire lore form around the world, pop culture -- and more. This was the last panel of the night, which was planned, since last year we found people couldn't get enough of Michelle and/or any panel she was on. So at 11 we announced it was "officially" over but we let people stay. Which they did, until 11:45 when the panelists got sore throats. Then people just stayed and talked. I busied myself picking trash off the floor and straightening chairs until midnight!

Tomorrow there's the D*C Parade, which I'll go see for sure, but then I don't have anywhere specific to be until 8:30, when I'm doing door duty again for a few night panels. Not sure what I'm doing during the day. There are some of our panels I'd like to sit in on, plus I'll check the schedule to see if there are one or two others. And of course the dealer rooms, though I am going to steer clear of buying myself yet MORE lovely necklaces from that one place I always visit. Though I will visit of course and let's see how strong my willpower is.
ice cream

Hopefully I can get a picture

Miraculously, I've just managed to put together a good Dragon*Con outfit. My mind had drawn a complete blank and I was also worried I wouldn't be able to find anything that actually FIT. But somehow I did. It's entirely black and red. Love it. And to complete the look I've printing out a Mac cosmetics "recipe" for makeup. I have the stuff, just need to know what to do with it!
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Caleb's Children... Er, Plants + Cat!

Despite living in a condo, Caleb has a large garden, including a collection of carnivorous plants -- a passion of his since childhood, which is just SO Caleb. Anyway, he just recently took some lovely pictures of his precious carnivores and I thought I'd point people to them:

Bug & Insect Eating Plants

Oh, and for a extra bonus, here's a picture of his cat Sofie:

She hangs out by the plants, looking to catch bugs. She especially loves the roaches that appear from under the pots at night :)