September 2nd, 2007

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Day 2 - Dragon*Con / Life as a Vampire Jester Diva

Well, the nap did me good, as I was able to return to the con with an awesome outfit and a lot of energy.

First up I went over to the Hyatt and made it to a Writer's Track panel on how to become more productive as a writer. It was done by Kevin J. Anderson and his wife and it was very well done. I've finally been feeling inspired again towards writing (in particular, working on a couple of novels I've started) and by even the halfway point of the panel I was raring to go get to work. Maybe I will start tomorrow, now that I've been reminded of the #1 rule: "Shut up and write."

After that I meandered over to the Marriott, where I couldn't find the Outworlders but did find the Art Show. I came across some prints I really liked, pen and ink work, but none of them were for sale. But it was fun looking. Afterward I decided to check out the Hilton, where I found a food bar that actually had fresh, inexpensive food -- good fruit salad and, yay, Odwalla. So I walked around a bunch of hallways eating, drinking and peoplewatching. I had wanted to go to a panel in the Apocalypse track (oh, what a great idea that track was!) but was late for it and didn't find the room anyway.

So I went back up, this time on the street, to the Hyatt, where Michelle Belanger was doing a Lovecraft panel, which I had staff duty on. This has been a staple at the track the past three years but she did things a whole new way, with a nicely done PowerPoint, very entertaining, absorbing presentation, and content that was not "Lovecraft 101" but more like "Advanced Topics in Lovecraft." She went into the whole history of grimoires, lost magic books, occult books, and shared some interesting info on Lovecraft's background and personal life. That panel went over by a half hour and then I further hung out talking. Michelle is too cool by half. I'm going to see about sending her a few books I think she'd like, though I'll have to check first to make sure she doesn't already have them!

Finally I went over to the Rainbow Flag party, held in the Trek Trak room. Didn't get to go in for a half an hour, as there was a lonnnnnng line, but I finally did get in and left after two minutes, it was all dark and hot and full of sweaty men. (No offense, boys, but that to me is not a party.) The good thing is, while I was out in the hall I got to chat with a whole bunch of folks -- Joy, Dave, Kris, Ed, Robert, et al. But then the line was going out way down the hall and I thought, "Hmm, why not just head home and catch some rest?"

So I headed home but decided to stop at Slice for a bite to eat. As I walked in, I noticed it looked like they might be closing soon, at least in the kitchen, so I rushed up and asked if they had any pizza left. The head guy, who knows me, said there were two slices left, so I placed an order. I paid my $6 but then turns out there weren't any slices left but there was a 12" left so I got that, no extra charge. It was the last pizza. I ate half of it (two slices) and will have the rest tomorrow, cold.

Oh, and once home, I took a whole lot of pics of my makeup, hair and outfit, which I'll post later. On my way back from the con, I got a lot of whistles and comments, like "Dressed to kill!" and "Work it, woman!" (It's Black Gay Pride here, "work it" is a key phrase of the weekend.) Really liked what I wore tonight. Best compliment I got: I sat down next to a guy at the writing panel and he looks at me and is like "Wait... I should know who you are. You're from ______? Or is it __________? Who are you supposed to be?" And I said, "Um, actually I'm dressed as myself." He he. He said he thought I was some kind of vampire jester.

Voice Post - When Regular Clothes Aren't Regular

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“Well, I'm calling on my way to Drencun(?) and I think one of the funniest thing ___ is that I really just tense to go to Druncan(?) dressed of my own give a clothes, just wanted my regular clothes on and that's regular. So that last thing is the classic temple. This guy who's like I think should know you wait work very high and it's looks like I think you might have of be some cartoon territory something that I'd like or I actually dresses myself or I thought I was wearing with so close to something I would just like have one out to go shopping. I think the only difference is that I had then my makeup. I guess it is a just for me to have some like lipstick in many to my eye brows I actually just had all of like for makeup and it's a mess and everything. I don't know what the thing in. Today I've rung this thing and like I walked in Adam Street and I it's just 30 people like, ooh she must be going to Druncan(?) and I'm wake. Yo it's still 3:00. It's like I've made up this coffee, it's just like and everyday out there I mean I don't think I went to work out but I I've worn something which I've actually worn this dress to work. So whatever I'll just I'm not really greed to do I just”

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Coin-Operated Boy

So this song has been in my head since Friday night since two girls performed it on Friday night at the Burlesque panel:

coin operated boy
dresden dolls

coin operated boy
sitting on the shelf he is just a toy
but i turn him on and he comes to life
automatic joy
that is why i want a coin operated boy

made of plastic and elastic
he is rugged and long-lasting
who could ever ever ask for more
love without complications galore
many shapes and weights to choose from
i will never leave my bedroom
i will never cry at night again
wrap my arms around him and pretend....

Rest of the lyrics here!

Hear it here!

Entirely too catchy.
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Voice Post - Report from the Hyatt

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“Well, it is 11:00 on Sunday and I am on 18 floor of the ___ in Hallway and on Superman is on the floor below, time to get into his hotel room. Apparently he is not strong enough to get to the door without the key. I'm outside the ___ annual room party and I've been in there a lot and now it's rather crowded. So I thought I would go out. There are numerous pirates and fairy creatures and aliens around me and ___ and I am a broken dead ___ doll and I look very doll pictures to follow. Yo it is a good mate. Good night.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

(BTW, another horrible transcription.)