September 3rd, 2007

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Dragon*Con was awesome today. Good panels, good buys at the dealers room, one cool outfit, one cool costume, good party, and a long chat session with one of our track guests. Just now I managed to scrub off most of my makeup, so I can now go to bed without worrying about ruining my pillow. So just a crossword and I'm off to bed.

P.S. Many pics to be posted later. Like... tomorrow or tuesday.
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Wendy's D*C Outfits

Following tradition, here are my Dragon*Con pics, or at least pics of myself and my outfits. I only took a few actual con pics, like Carlton in his wings and some views looking down into the Hyatt atrium, as I tend to just suck that all in through my eyes, not through a camera lens. I also don't want to ever be one of "those" people who are constantly blocking the flow of traffic to take pictures of the costumes. Anyway, I had fun with my outfits as usual, which this included an actual costume on Sunday night; unusual because normally I more or less just dress like an exaggerated version of myself, wearing pretty much regular wiebke clothes.

Here's my favorite pic of my favorite outfit, the Goth Doll:

Thanks to nervouskricket for taking this nifty shot of me in a hall at the Hyatt.

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