September 4th, 2007



I went ahead and joined last week. Feel like a doofus for waiting, as it's such superior user-design!

Anyway, to find me:

Wendy Darling's Facebook profile

Really enjoy the interface of it. Also, I'm networked with my niece Ashley and nephew Ian. He he.
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Music Randomness

So Sunday I got some CDs off a used music dealer at the con -- and I'm enjoying all of it.

Right now, listening to Diamanda Galas, Schrei X. Completely insane, completely awesome. This is the kind of thing I would have played to annoy a roommate I had in college who really annoyed me, but in actual fact I love it. Sounds like demonic possession really.

The other albums I got: Peter Gabriel's So (flashback to middle school), Morrissey's Malaljusted (which somehow I didn't have... must be that one missing album) and the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. The Oz disc is extra nice b/c it has bits that were recorded for scenes cut out of the final movie, like "The Jitterbug" and some extra 1930s chorus voices.

I've picked up a bunch new music this year, no doubt a sign of improving mental health. Here's a list:

- Bartok, 6 String Quartets
- 8-Bit Operators, The Music of Kraftwerk
- Roy Orbison, 16 Biggest Hits
- George Gershwin, The Complete Gershwin
- James Brown, 20 All Time Greatest Hits
- Led Zeppelin, The Immigrant Song (single)
- The Beatles, Love
- The Traveling Wilbury's, T.W. Collection
- George Harrison, Cloud Nine
- Morrissey, Ringleader of the Tormentors
- Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney
- Pete Seeger, American Favorite Ballads

Clearly I'm having a nostalgia attack or something.
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