September 12th, 2007

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Luckie knows how to get her message across

I really want to sleep in today. I haven't, but I wish I could. Went to bed too late and then overnight Luckie decided she needed to mess with Pell. So I had to uncover her and calm her down. And then Luckie just kept at it. Later Luckie came over and was nipping me, I'm guessing because her food bowl is empty. So when she's hungry she threatens the bird, bites me and meows at me in a chiding tone. Hmmm.
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Swimming through Erdsee

To my amazement, I've managed to read three whole chapters of Erdsee, the German translation of Earthsea. And I only started Monday morning! I seem to be getting more read every day, as the first day it was 10 pages, yesterday 20 and I think 30 today. Hardly used the dictionary today either.

This is just the perfect book to read, because it's at exactly the right level of difficulty, not too easy, not too hard, and the storyline is actually interesting. I've read a couple of German novels and anthologies of short stories (Theodor Storm) but they've usually been serious, either in theme or in intent. Although, OK, The Metamorphosis is funny in that surreal Kafta kind of way ("Oh, dear, I'm a beetle, how am I ever going to explain this to my boss?")

Now re the book, I've just got through Ged's first couple of years at the magic academy and gather he's got some serious jealousy issues, although his anger management has been pretty good so far. Meanwhile because it's so HP-like (mind you, HP came 20+ years later) I keep picturing all the students in Hogwarts uniforms, although it seems like in reality they just wear robes and instead of having posh dorms, they sleep in stone cells on straw beds. Ged is definitely going to get in trouble soon, I can just tell.
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5 Minutes of Sound

I'm going to sit here and just note what sounds I hear over the next five minutes. The music is off and there's no jackhammering tonight.

OK, here goes:

1. Some sort of garbage unloading, noisily, lots of metalic sounds.
2. Train whistle coming from the Gulch area.
3. Bus.
4. Public trashcan being pulled out and emptied into a truck.
5. Car honk.
6. Trash compacting in a garbage truck.
7. Squeaky car brakes.
8. Squeaky bus brakes.
9. Bus "exhaling." (Common noise they make, not sure what it is.)
10. Metal clattering onto the sidewalk.

Done. The trash compacting and metallic clanking and general garbage truck sounds lasted the entire time.


On a related note, I wish I could convey just how "undark" it is in my neighborhood. There's always enough light that you can read small print on a prescription bottle, even at 3 a.m. Everything is just lit up. I swear a few times I've seen it darker here during the day (i.e. in a bad storm) than I ever have at night. Until I had my blinds put it, I could read in bed late at night without any lights on, just from light seepage. It's funny how for the most part you see dark windows, closed offices and sleeping people, but outside it's all light up with street lights, security lights, cars, buses, glowing signs. And it's all this sort of reddish glow, because of the gas they use in the lights.