September 13th, 2007

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So I'm walking by the Fox Theatre this afternoon and glance up at the marquee to find that BJORK is playing this Monday night. And I had no idea. Naturally the show is sold out, or so says Ticketmaster. Waaaaaaah. I mean, I would break my no-spending rule to see her, no question.
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Luckie knows how to dis!

I find it curious that Luckie will hide from Caleb and Daniel, who're over here all the time, and yet when I have a stranger come over, like a client or a friend, like David, she comes right up and says hello, rubs on them, and is totally relaxed! Example: a client of mine was just over for about an hour, going over the design of his site. We're sitting at the table and within ten minutes Luckie is over rubbing herself on us, sitting in the chair next to me, and generally playing nicey-nice. Yet when Caleb was over here yesterday, so he reports, he didn't see Luckie once in a two whole hours. Or when he and Daniel are over watching a movie or TV, she'll sit under the sidetable staring at us but won't come up and be nice or anything. But again, when other people have come over -- Amanda, Whitney, David, even contractors -- she'll act a lot more relaxed and friendly.