September 14th, 2007

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From thefridayfive - Sickness

1. What was the most sick that you've ever been?

There've been a couple times I was sick for 2-3 weeks with bad bugs.

My worst bout of childhood illness was when I had chickenpox. I was in third grade. I had an extra severe case of it and missed nearly a month of school. I had chickenpox in my throat, inside my ears, everywhere, and couldn't eat anything but Jolly Ranchers and popsicles. Couldn't stand any clothes either, except for a white seersucker angel gown Mom had made for for the church Christmas pageant the year before. Everything else hurt. When it was all over I had a lot of scars on my face, especially my forehead. Those are still there if you look close; you also can't miss a crater next to my nose. (You can sort of see it in my icon pic, it's where that shine is.)

My freshman year of high school I had a really bad case of pneumonia that nearly landed me in the hospital. The fact my mom dithered for over a week about taking me to the doctor -- despite a 104 fever and coughing that left me unable to cough -- didn't help. When I finally got to the doctor, she immediately ordered a chest X-ray, which showed I had double pneumonia. She put me on penicillin and codeinne for two weeks. Altogether I was out of school for two and a half weeks, not counting one day when I stupidly decided to try coming back, only to nearly pass out in the middle of biology class.

In my adult life I've had a few more episodes like this, mostly with bronchitis. I remember one year at UMass I got bronchitis three times in one year. I would sit around crying and wanting my mommy :(

2. What disease are you afraid of getting?

Schizophrenia. Next to that, probably cancer.

3. Are you a big baby when it comes to taking medicine/shots for your illnesses?

No. I have no issues with needles, uncomfortable procedures, taking whatever medicine I have to. Just suck up and deal.

4. Is going to the doctor really THAT bad?

Although I've met some doctors I really didn't care for (my childhood doctor, an OB/GYN I went to once, some others), overall I'd say no, it's not bad at all. My current doctor is wonderful.

5. Would you have the flu twice a month if you were paid $1,000 for having it?

I think I'd rather get $1,000 for every ovum I produce :)
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Career Meme -- Right On!

This is scarily accurate -- it recommend I do the job... that I've been doing for 10 years.

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results.
[5. Bold the jobs/careers you actually have done or actually studied at one point.]

1. Multimedia Developer. [Check.]

2. Anthropologist [This was my original major in college.]

3. Costume Designer [Most would agree I quality as this, for dressing myself.]

4. Set Designer [I love interior design.]

5. Website Designer [Check!]

6. Historian [History is certainly a big interest of mine.]

7. Music Teacher / Instructor

8. Special Effects Technician

9. Desktop Publisher [Check.]

10. Animator [I've done some lame Flash animations, he he.)

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Still swimming through Erdsee

So after only five days, I'm about 180 pages into Magier von Erdsee and only have 2-3 chapters to go. And I bet I'll get there by tomorrow, as the suspense is killing me. Must find out what happens!

Anyway, I didn't expect to make so much progress reading. I'd say at this point I'm only reading it a little slower than I read English, although occasionally I'll have to go over a paragraph 3-4 times if I miss some key thing and can't figure out what's just happened. For example, it took me quite a few reads before I could understand exactly how Geb tricked the dragon into cursing itself to stay on that island forever. It was actually just a couple of words I'd missed, but they were key words, and plus there's a POV shift from Geb to the dragon that I totally missed. But at last I got it.