September 17th, 2007

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Help a girl out? I need slash!!!!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been starving for slashfic or, jeez, any well-written erotic something or other. I've got things I've bookmarked and read 100 times but nothing new. Any suggestions? I am generally not into het stuff, but slash, m/m, hermaphrodites, mpreg, etc., is all good. Just... GOOD stuff! I don't have any trigers, so feel free to suggest anything. I just have this deep craving for, um, juiciness, and while I'm enjoying reading Earthsea, it is distinctly unjuicy* and it's just bad timing for me.

* Anybody seen any Ged/Vetsch slash? There *must* be some, somewhere, right? Because the situations they were in were even more slashable than Frodo & Sam!
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Pity Party -- D*mn Stupid Skimpy American Vacation Policies

I'm really getting tired of not having any vacation time.

Last year I was at ARC and wasn't allowed to take any time off for six months. After I was let go, I was basically too poor and too in need of a job to go anywhere, although I did make a short trip to Germany and home for Christmas.

Then since February I've been here at Emory but for the first few months I was a temp, earning no vacation. Finally in May I became staff and my real benefits kicked in, but vacation is accummlating so slowly it infuriates me. I used up one "floating holiday" so I could go to Montreal with Caleb, then used up a vacation day to go visit my parents in early July. Which left me with no vacation time!

Since then I've been keeping my butt here in Atlanta despairing of ever being able to take a real vacation, i.e. something more than a long weekend. I want to have at least a week off so I can go to Europe and see my friends and favorite places again. But alas, I will have to use up one of my vacation days when I visit my family for Christmas (fortunately I get Christmas Eve and the holiday itself off), which will leave me with a whopping one day vacation. And then I'll have to start accummulating from scratch again. I think I earn about one day a month, so maybe I can go somewhere by next summer!

What's especially irritating is that right now Caleb has all this vacation time he needs to use and even conferences in Europe to go to, so he's planning a trip to England (conference) and then in December he wants to go to Germany and visit Martina, possibly also an old classmate of his who's in Zurich.

Where do I want to go? Well, I'm dying to see Storm again, but not sure England would be my top choice for a visit. I'd really like to do a trip to either Berlin or Hamburg / N. Germany, since those are new places. I hope Caleb and I can go to Berlin together!

Yeah, it's my pity party.
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A guy walks into a bar...

Great compilation of jokes!

The Anatomy of Humor: "A guy walks into a bar..."

I do notice it's missing one my favorites, which I remember my dad telling me, several times, as no Dad Joke is ever told only once:

A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, but we don't serve strings here." The string walks away a little upset and sits down with his friends.

A few minutes later he goes back to the bar and orders a beer. The bartender, looking a little exasperated, says, "I'm sorry, we don't serve strings here."

So the string goes back to his table. Then he gets an idea. He ties himself in a loop and messes up the top of his hair. Then he walks back up to the bar and orders a beer.

The bartender squints at him and says, "Hey, aren't you a string?"

And the string says, "Nope, I'm a frayed knot."
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Sevananda Shopping

So tonight was Sevananda shopping day. I'm getting quite fond of that place, now that I go there every week. This week I got to see the new makeover they've completed, expanding the produce section, moving the bulk goods across the store, etc. Works much better now! On top of that, got some good deals. The sale (40% off) produce rack had all these ripe tomatoes, which I'm going to use to make tomato sauce for later this week. Then in the bulk section they had (organic) chocolate-covered coffee beans, which I don't remember ever seeing on offe there before. I actually like those (and get more of a buzz from those) than I do coffee! I especially like to grind them up and add them to coffee. I like grounds in my coffee, what can I say? Anyway, right now I'm cooking a very quick pasta dish, just some sort of twisty pasta that I'll throw basil, parmesan and black pepper into. Then I have some client work that'll keep me busy through midnight, likely.
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Earthsea Miscellany

So I started reading the second book of Earth Sea, the Tomb of Akuan or whatever it's called, and already I'm on chapter three. At first I was a bit put off because I really wanted to read more about Ged, but now I'm sort of fascinated. My favorite part so far is the idea of periodically feeding the black rocks goat blood. Also, I do know Ged shows up a bit later in the story, as while I didn't peek at any plot synopsis, I have seen some brief summaries.

Other Earthsea stuff:
  • Found out that there is indeed a whole load of Earthsea fanfic out there, including slash. Yay. I don't think I will look at it until I'm done reading the books, however, to prevent spoilerage.

  • One thing that will be weird for me, reading or writing Earthsea fic, is that I'm getting all the names in German. For example, Sparrowhawk is what everybody calls the main wizard, but in German he's Sperber. I sort of think his friend Vetsch has to have some other name in English, too, as that is just too German. The names of places and special wizard jargon are all different as well. Though I have to say, one neat thing about reading the books in German is that it gives an added impression, which I think would be there anyway, that the plot is rather similar to some Medieval quest novels. I took Medieval German lit. in college and this reminds me of it. (As did the middle book in Storm's Magravandia's trilogy, The Crown of Silence.)

  • Speaking of Magravandias... AU/crossover idea: Ged meets that wizard in Crown of Silence, who was Valraven's buddy Kaspar but then "died" and became a wizard. And of course Kaspar's boyfriend could seduce both of them! Aw, yeah!