September 20th, 2007

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Sweeney Todd

Those pics coming out of Sweeney Todd, which is in post-production, set for Christmas debut, are making me drool. Johnny Depp in period clothes, looking dead, super dead, AGAIN. It just doesn't get old.
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Cat Games

Luckie has a new toy. Naturally it's not something I gave her. No, it's a piece of... molding? Insulation? Weather-stripping? I'm not sure what it is, actually. It's a 2-inch long piece of hard foam with plastic around it. I don't know where it came from, unless it was maybe something left over from when I had my air fixed. She found it somewhere in the bedroom/bathroom and has been whacking it around for a few days now. She's doing the "sneak attack" game on it right now. That little white thing isn't very good at running away!

On that note, I played with Luckie an awful lot last night, mostly while I was having dinner and later while watching two episodes of Top Chef. She got more and more hyper, absolutely loving it. She was making that whirring sound she makes when she gets extra wound up. (Just heard it now as she scrambled across my bedroom floor in pursuit of the white thing.) And any time I'd stop and focus on the TV, she'd stand there in front of me making goo-goo eyes and vocalizing: "Mhreow? MHREOW! Mhrrrrrrrreow!" Not that she's manipulative or anything ;)
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From thefridayfive - BFF

This set of questions is from two weeks ago.

1. Who is your best friend?

2. Why did you become friends?
Destiny. *chuckle* Um, I think because I was attracted to him like we were two magnets? Yeah, I thought he was the hottest thing ever, fell head over heels in love with him. Which wasn't the smartest move but hey. I managed to get over that, at least to the extent I stopped wasting my energy on it. Do still love him, though! As far as what he saw in me, I was wildly entertaining and gave good food rubs.

3. How did you meet?
We met at UMass Amherst Sept. 21, 1993 -- 14 years ago tomorrow! We met when I was coming back from Herter Hall, going back up to Orchard Hill dorms and ran into this girl Kristina (another BFF of mine) who I'd met the week before at some kind of Honors banquet. She was with this cute guy with Flock of Seagulls black hair and a leather jacket. We started talking and couldn't stop. We plopped down right in the middle of Orchard Hill, on the side of the path, and got into some kind of long discussion. Then we went back to the Mall to see about getting a PVTA bus to NoHo to go to Salvation Army, but we must've missed it because we then wound up going of to the Campus Pond and feeding the ducks. We three were pretty much inseparable after that. I lived in the same dorm/apartment as Caleb for 8 years after that. These days he is about three blocks away. Kristina moved down to Atlanta twice and was nearby but for the past several years she's been living in Philadelphia.

4. Why have you stayed friends?
You mean why haven't I pushed him in front of a bus? Good question. *chuckle* Seriously, for all I bitch, nobody understands me like Caleb, entertains me like Caleb, or is as good a traveling companion. I'm very lucky to have such a resourceful, intelligent friend. Even though he can be a complete SOB at times.

5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?
Forever. After death even.
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Erdsee Update

Just finished reading second Earthsea book. This one took me only four days to read. In German!

Didn't think I would care for it as much as the first one, but I think I liked it even more. Tenar is cool and then Ged shows up. Woot! The whole Labyrinth thing was wonderfully done and the climax of it all? It was like Fall of the House of Usher meets the finales of Lord the Rings and the third Raiders movie and Name of the Rose! It's a shame that miniseries had to suck so, so horribly, because that's really an awesome scene.


I loved learning the vocabulary that goes along with being a priestess of darkness. A few words (off the top of my head) that I've learned (or relearned) so far from Erdsee reading:

Zorn = wrath
Sims = ledge
Gewoelbe = vault
Abgrund = abyss
Schwert = sword
Dolch = dagger
Edelstein = jewel
Brilliant = diamond
Umhang = cape
Stab = staff
Kerze = candle
Kachel = tile
Ziege = goat
Maechten = powers
Die Namenlosen = The Nameless
Ursprache = ancient/original language
schmal = thin
vertrauen = to trust

So a lot of nouns. There are many more I could add to the list, these are just what I can remember.