September 22nd, 2007

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XWord Addiction

So I'm cleaning my bedroom, which has been a wreck ever since Dragon*Con at the start of the month, and going through the pile of accumulated crosswords by my bed... I just counted *35* of them. He he. I print out at least two a day and usually fill them out after midnight or whenever I go to bed. The good news is that I do stack them into a rough pile now, don't just throw them all over the floor. Such self-control!

Coming soon: Results of my study of X-words' frequently used words.
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Rotting Scum at the Heart of Atlanta

When I bitch about Atlanta and streetpeople/government/sloth, THIS (see below) is what I'm talking about. Here's an article on the disgusting hole of scum that is Five Points Plaza... ONE BLOCK (a very *short* blow) over from where I live and am sitting now typing.

Fading at Five Points

Includes PICTURES -- a slideshow even! Which truly don't show the full nasty b/c it doens't include the smell. Or the scurrying rats, who have a whole NIMH thing going on.

Thank heavens there's a way for me to get in and out of Five Points station w/o crossing through that mire. And remember, I'm white and clearly not "of the square," so any time I do go through there, I'm stared at, harrassed and begged on. And to think I used to live ON that square.

Call me heartless all you want, you should SEE that place.