September 23rd, 2007

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Gorgeous Savannah

Caleb was fortunate enough to have spent a few days in Savannah last week. I so wish I could have gone with him. SO gorgeous -->> PICTURES HERE!

This is my favorite:

Anybody who's never been, highly recommend for a long weekend. Loads of historic homes, cemeteries, seafood, antiques, Spanish moss, Tybee Island, and ghosts! (The city is reportedly one of the most haunted in the U.S. and I can personally vouch for that.) And yes, there is indeed an airport and it's served by Airtran.

Kitty Diva Pics + Cat Health Question

So now that Luckie's ringworm is just about healed, time for some more photos. We did a photo session yesterday, during which Luckie proved once again to be the Greta Garbo of cats.

Nobody but me is likely to ever see her this relaxed.

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Cat Question: What's the deal with those teeny tiny teeth cats have in front? Until recently Luckie had 4 on top, 4 on bottom... maybe more? They were tiny and crooked. But yesterday I looked and half of them were gone, just gum there now. She's 2 years old. Were they baby kitten teeth?