September 24th, 2007


Alexander, Your Legacy is Secure! + Bad VC Fic

A lot of MPREG is really absurb, but this one is ESPECIALLY so.

Alexander's Child

Plot of this story, which thankfully stops after one chapter: Hephaistion pregnant with Alexander's love child.


What's better is the writing. Or should I say, what's worse. This is just perfectly awful.


And speaking of bad fanfic, here's a snippet from a Vamp Chron MPREG I located over the weekend. I've corrected the formatting, which lacked paragraphs, because this way you can enjoy the badness more fully!

Collapse )

ROTFLMAO. That one makes about as much sense as the legendary "Predators in Love" series, especially that bit towards the end. Lestat was pregnant? Via moon magic? WTF?
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Kitty Teeth Question

I posed this question along with some Luckie pics yesterday, but I only got a couple of responses and am still wondering...

What's the deal with those teeny tiny teeth cats have in front? Until recently Luckie had 4 on top, 4 on bottom... maybe more? They were tiny and crooked. But yesterday I looked and half of them were gone, just gum there now. She's 2 years old. Were they baby kitten teeth?

Luckie is due for her annual vet visit soon anyway so I will ask the vet, but meanwhile, thought somebody would know. Her gums and everything look fine, her front teeth, between the canines, just appear to be gone.
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One thing that BUGS me... bugs. And insects. I went and sat down on a perfectly ordinary wooden bench at lunch, to eat and read, not knowing it was a freakin' haven for fire ants and gnats. Or some horde of tiny biting things. I saw the ants on the ground by the bench, not on me, but something bit me on my index finger so that it swelled up and I got lovely red flush marks across my palm. Then something started in on my ankles, calves and behind the knees. I scratched 'til I tore a previous bug bite scab and bled a bit. Lovely! So I headed back to my building and the itch just got worse and worse. Back here I put some instant hand sanitizer on it all, because I've found that works well to combat itch, but now I feel woozy. Nothing appears to be swolen anymore, but ugh, histamine reaction. I really, really hate biting insects.


Later on, in the 5-10 minutes I was waiting for a bus after work, I got bitten MUCH worse. on my hands and lower legs, by some kind of fly or mosquito. Horrible, horrible! I was slapping them away and running around the bus stop trying to elude them but they got me. Nobody else seemed affected. It was so bad I thought I was going to scream or explode. No bugs on the bus, but the burning itching was so bad there were tears in my eyes and my jaw and hands were shaking from trying not to cry out or scratch myself. The woman sitting next to me must've though I was such a freak. By the time the bus was nearing Decatur I was a wreck. Further, I had a nasty welt on the back of my left hand, which had a lovely red target sign going around it. Ow! Several more big bites on my leg. It was nearly impossible to concentrate but I managed to take my mind off it somewhat by reading Earthsea and just telling myself it would stop, it would stop. OMG, such fierce itching! Caleb got me on the phone and when I told him about this plague, he said something about there being some kind of fly that comes out in the fall. Never bitten me BEFORE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, this thing is awful.

Yes, I hate hate hate hate bug bites. Mosuitoes, fleas and whatever these things that bit me -- the worst! I don't know how anybody can fail to see them as one of the scourges of all life. The main reason I will never, ever go anywhere tropical and probably couldn't enjoy camping now as I did growing up, is that bugs bother me SO much. They bite me way more than they do other people and the itch lasts and lasts, drives me nuts.
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Earthsea Update

So in two weeks I have read...

600 pages!

Yep. I'm about 2/3 through Der Weite Ufer (third book) and sort of cringing because I know Bad Things are going to happen soon, but loving it still. The vocabulary and themes of this book are rather less concrete than in the two prior books, with a ton of philosophy and Meaning of Life stuff all throughout. The conversation I just got through between Ged and Arran, talking about the fallacy of dualism was pretty damn deep!
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Ever the Flaneur...

Courtesy of aydub over on outworlders, of the best snapshots (unposed) of me in a long time. Taken while a whole group of us (Outworlders) were doing a photoshoot for an upcoming story in Southern Voice. I had gotten sick of standing and was there on SunTrust plaza waiting for a couple of people to get into their super hero outfits.

Click for close-up!
(Oh, and that's Shelby and Carlton to the left.)

Rest of the pics here!

And when SoVo comes out and we're (hopefully) on the cover, I'll show that off, too!