September 25th, 2007

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My relationship to coffee is a bit odd.

I like coffee, but more for the taste and feel, not for the kick. I don't really GET a kick unless there's a whole ton of sugar or chocolate added in. Regular chocolate with Equal or a sugar substitute just isn't going to do it for me. But I like drinking it! (Same goes for Coke. I drink Diet Coke all the time at work but does it wake me up at all? Nope. But regular Coke does!)

I like coffee, but I kid you not, it takes me about two hours to get through a cup of it at work. Happened yesterday, happened today, has happened many times in the past. I'll get a regular size cup or mup and nurse it along for two hours, sometimes more, drinking it even when it's gone lukewarm, or even cold. Interestingly, I will drink a *frozen* coffee drink, or even just an ice coffee, in just a few minutes. But a hot coffee? At least when it's mug-sized and there's no time limit, meh. (I will drink European size cups quickly.)

I like coffee, including some very strong coffee (Turkish style, Vietnamese, Italian and German cafe coffee) but I tend to really, really enjoy massively adulterated coffee, like a cup of coffee with half a cup of chocolate syrup (or Godiva liqueur!) in it, whipped cream, flavors. The good news is, I'm quite aware of how bad those types of coffees are healthwise, so I pretty much avoid them. I'd *like* to have a giant mocha with whipped cream every day, but it just can't happen.

I like coffee, but I rarely make it at home, even though I have coffee and a French press and some "coffee bags" for making single servings. I even have some good coffee, but I'm just much more likely to make up tea at home. Heck, I have an English-style electric kettle! Coffee to me is either a social drink ("Hey, let's me for coffee") or a working drink. Not a home drink.

And finally, my favorite coffee drink: The exquisite joy that was a frozen drink I used to get on my way to work a few years ago. So, so bad for me but incredible: coffee, espresso, chocolate syrup, condensed sweetened milk, 1/4-1/2 cup ground, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and ice. Ground up. With whipped cream on top. Probably had all the calories and fat of a Big Mac. Or more. But DAMN! It would give me a buzz that would like for like 5 hours.
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