September 27th, 2007

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Random Updates

A few things to post about, none of them worthy of a separate post really...

  • It seems protein really does keep you sated. I had what was really not a very big dinner -- baked salmon, wild rice, a plain whole wheat English muffin, and nf yogurt w/berries -- and I haven't been hungry at all. No prowling the kitchen looking for food. I did have a hankering for some wine, but I blame that on this scene in Tehanu where they're drinking really good, old wine.

  • Speaking of Tehanu, I seem to be flying through it just as I did the first three. I don't seem to be comprehending it all as well as those, but that's really a matter of the subject matter and the vocabulary, which has gone decidedly abstract here and there. However, I can follow the gist of everything and certainly all the dialog, so it works for me. Right now Tenar is helping Sperber (Sparrowhawk, in English) evade the king of Havnor. (Side note: Havnor is also a kingdom in the Dream and a Lie series I edited. I must ask Fiona whether that was on purpose.)

  • Ordered two more German translations of Le Guin books (another Earthsea novel and an Earthsea story anthology) off It was a fair price and I figure why not read the entire universe in German? I think I would get confused by reading it in English now that I know the terms for everything -- Drachensprache, Bann, Zauberer, Stab, Ziegen, Narren, Narben, etc.

  • I think I know what's been causing a lot of the backpain and pain in my right hip the past couple of years! Several weeks ago it occurred to me that my back and hip were killing me when I was lying in bed... but that if I shifted the way I was lying, it was a lot better. Somehow I had been twisting my lower back and pelvis into this rather uncomfortable position, night after night, and putting all this weight (and I do mean weight) on my right hip, which I favor when sleeping. Since then, I've been correcting this "posture" by forcing myself to lie perpendicular to the mattress when I'm on my side. And the pain has gotten a lot better. Personally, I blame the cat for hogging the right side of my bed.
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Just finished up the fourth Earthsea book, Tehanu, which means, sadly, no more to read! Altogether it was over 900 pages, 200+ pages per book. The fact I read this in all of 11 days isn't that impressive given my reading speeds, but then again, it was in German, so... hey! Meanwhile, really enjoyed them all, including the last book, which was depressing in some parts but ultimately was uplifting. I will say that the ending was rushed, though; you can't just drop a bombshell at the end of the book and walk away! But Le Guin does.

And now? I wait for two more Erdsee books to arrive in the mail. It could be a while, which is fine, since not like I don't have dozens of other books in my to read pile. And meanwhile I'm going to compile a list of all the word I learned! And read some fan fic.