September 29th, 2007

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Day of Culture

So JapanFest was fun today. I didn't even know I was going until... yesterday I think? Got an email on the Outworlders list about it and then Amanda proposed going, so I was like, "Heck yeah!"


When I got to Doraville station, turns out Kris was getting a ride as well, so merrily we all went out into the wilds of Gwinnett County (note: sarcasm) to check out the festival, which goes two days and, well, is Japanese cultural festival. This wasn't an anime con or something, it was a mix of music, dance, food, educational booths, dealers, workshops, etc., with sponsors including tech companies, that "Happy Toilet" company, the local consulate, and all kinds of clubs and Japanese businesses, mostly out in Gwinnett, where I know there's a Japanese community.

My favorite parts: all the little kids in kimonos, the ceremonial archery demo (those are some huge bows!), a spectacular drum performance, displays on Japanese diet & nutrition (complete with food "models"), and a big food court. I had a yummy and cheap lunch of udon with sweet fried tofu, plus half a cup of plum wine and a big cup of Sapporo.

My takeaway gift to self was this super-cute inflated, um... monkey-cow toy. There was this booth with cute inflatable things, like monkeys and things (people?) with smiley faces and while I found the monkey-elephants cute that was a bit weird, so I got a monkey, only to realize afterward that it was a cow with a monkey body. It's so cute though and has a squeaker inside. That is SO coming to work with me Monday!

The Interesting Beverage

Kris wound up being joined by Ed and they went off on their own so Lee, Amanda and I were on our own. After a bit of a lie down in a quiet spot (we were all tired, not just Amanda) we headed back to the car and went for lunch. The place was near the Perimeter somewhere and was Greek/Turkish. There I had a falafel plate that was the usual, along with a rather unique beverage I spotted in the cooler: carbonated, mint-flavored yogurt drink. Just carbonated milk I could see, carbonated yogurt-drink is a bit odd, but when it's mint-flavored and not sweet, that's just weird. It wasn't expensive, though, so I tried it. At first I didn't know what to think except that it reminded me of the foam you get when you brush your teeth. Amanda and Lee both found it "disturbing," "revolting" and "just wrong" but I don't know, it kind of grew on me and seemed to go with the food somehow. Like if you ate some falafel and then had the fizzy mint yogurt, it kind of went together! Anyway, I've tried some far more disgusting drinks, like that grass jelly stuff from China and guanabana juice from Puerto Rico. Those aren't even drinkable, but taste more like garbage. This one I finished!


Got home around 7 and after staying awake long enough to play some online Scrabble and play with the cat, fell asleep. Until 10:30. Much revived...