September 30th, 2007


Sleeping Cat

I love when Luckie is truly and deeply asleep. I catch her at it so rarely. She's in her cat bed, on top of the file cabinet, on her back, all her paws in the air. Well, actually her front legs are crossed over her chest. She does that a lot. Cutest thing. I'd love to take a picture but as soon as I got up, she'd wake up and move.
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LotR ... again

So I watched LotR again this week (last 1/2 hour playing right now) and found my thoughts going to the same things as usual:

Line that always make me laugh: Eomer saying "That mountain is EVIL."

And, of course, the entire thing is Pippin's fault. Yup! W/o Pippin screwing up at every turn, the plot would never move forward.

Poor John Rys-Davies. He has by the far the stupidest dialog in the movie. Every line is a stupid joke or just lame.

I still wonder how the hell Gandalf and Pippin get up to the top of the city to rescue Faramir from being burned alive. Well, I can see them doing it, but not in like 1 minute. (The filmmakers themselves have already said the dad running from the tomb off the front of the cliff while on fire was stupid.)

Another continuity issue: How the hell does Aragorn's horse find him at the bottom of that canyon? The horse didn't go off the cliff and die? Or what?

On the positive side (and I am overwhelmingly positive, this is just nitpicking!), damn, Vigo just kills me. I really wanted to see him in that new movie but now I really want to.

And I still think the last 30 minutes are cheesy as HELL. I can see the multiple endings, but all the soft focus? I especially hate all the Hobbits jumping around on Frodo's bed.

Signing out...
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Sleepy Day

Lately I've been using my weekends for sleeping.

Up 'til 1 or so, then slept 'til 10:30. Went out to JapanFest, came home, slept 7:30 to 10:30. So that's about 12 1/2 hrs.

Up 'til 3, slept 'til 10:30. Then slept from 12-1:30. Then slept from 5 to 6. Again, 12 hours I think.

During the week I get about 7 hrs. a night, if I'm lucky... and prudent!
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