October 1st, 2007



So Luckie likes to curl up in the sink while I'm going to the bathroom. But she always, ALWAYS springs out just before I flush. Because, ooh, scary, scary toilet!

Meanwhile she's prowling around inside my desk again. Yup, inside. The middle drawer is pulled out, so she's gone from below and snuck into the bottom drawer. I can hear the printer paper packaging rustling. Silly girl.

Earlier I was working on my laptop at the kitchen table and she started making her whirr-whirr noise, all excited and pouncing around. I thought maybe she'd found some kind of bug. But no, she'd finally figured out how to play with the Cat Dancer all by herself. She was flinging it around and sneaking up on it. Like looking out the window, this is something that's taken her a while to discover.