October 12th, 2007

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My favorite season is here!

Mid-way through October, the GOOD weather has at long last returned. Yes, it's under 70. So, naturally, this Massachusetts girl has reverted to her "native" state in celebration: velveteen L.L. Bean pants, knit turtleneck, knit wool sweater, comfortable work sneakers and wool Greek fisherman's cap. And a large coffee. To think, only yesterday I was wearing sandals!
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Furthering my experiment

So this morning I had a mocha and yup, THAT gives me a buzz. Coffee w/o sugar or chocolate just does NOTHING. I have coffee a few times a week and 2 bottles of Diet Coke a day but b/c they're sugar free I just don't ever get a buzz. But get a mocha, get a regular Coke, and wheeeeeeeeeeee! do I get hyped. Puzzle me out that one!
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Oh, you silly people!

I'm listening to BeatlesRadio again, while I work, and as I go along, I can't help but note the following covers...

"Let It Be" -Tom Jones
Sounds just like you're expect, but you know, it's not bad really. This is definitely way better than Celine Dion or Bryan Adams doing it.

"I'm Looking Through You" -The Posies
This isn't nearly as annoying as the original, which is one of those Beatles songs I don't particular care for. I do think the Posies are missing some of the edgy bitter anger of the original there: it kind of sounds like Carly Simon.

"With a Little Help from my Friends" -Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson
Imagine Green Day (or some other mid-90s alternapunk band) covering the Beatles. Not a bad cover at all -- it keeps a lot of the spirit but it has a new sound, some really new spin. I admire covers that don't imitate.

"Girl" -Jim Sturgess
It's just the first verse but DAMN that was good. Totally, totally different take on it.

"#9 Dream" -R.E.M.
Another great cover -- really works. And I've never particularly liked R.E.M. (Though degruy, you made me like them for a bit when you were channeling MS last weekend!)

"Don't Bother Me" -The Smithereens
It took me a minute to realize this *wasn't* the Beatles. So it's more a replication of the original than an original.

"It Won't Be Long" -Evan Rachel Wood
Excuse me while I hurl. No doubt this woman's fans think she wrote this.

And for the record, among my *favorite* Beatles covers:

"Dear Prudence" -Siouxsie Sioux
"Helter Skelter" -U2
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" -William Shatner