October 15th, 2007

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When was the last time...?

Monday, Moday, Monday...

When was the last time you...

From mondaysabitch

1.Cleaned out your closet?
Yesterday. Well, one of them. Partially. I actually do go through my closets several times a year b/c they are absolutely packed to the gills and when I need some seasonable or rarely used item, it takes a complete redo to put things back.)

2.Went to a concert?
A few months ago, when Caleb and I went to a university performance of Carmina Burana.

3.Had a milkshake?
I can't even remember. How horrible! But I have had a smoothie recently, which is pretty close.

4.Got all dressed up?
Define "dressed up." I'd say I'm dressed up today. I was dressed up at Gaylaxicon a few times. I think I get dressed up usually 2-3 times a week.

5.Went grocery shopping?
A couple of weeks ago. (Yes, my fridge and cabinets are bare.)
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Various and sundry updates

I've neglected to check in recently, so a wrap up is in order.

Got my hair cut Saturday morning. Awesome, AWESOME 'do. Again. Brenton did a great job last time so I just said "Do that again?" With the black hair, it is just excellent. What really gets me is how it looks really cute on me but at the same time it makes me look *so* boyish it makes me giggle. It isn't any sort of stretch to imagine what I'd look like as a guy because I think I'd look the same... well, my head would, anyway! So I kept checking myself out in the mirror all weekend, like "Who IS that?" LOL. (And in case anyone is wondering, esp. Atlanta people, I go here to see Brenton.)

Friday night -- dinner, Target, ghosts
After working at home and then speaking at a medical writers conference, I met up with Caleb for dinner. We had a delicious meal over at Vickery's, in Glenwood Park. I had a seared scallop and spicy noodle thing that was to die for, plus some good collard greens and yummy sweet German Riesling. Afterward we walked around the neighborhood, which Caleb designed. It's so surreal visiting that place having seen it all as theoretical sketches! Afterward Caleb wanted me to see the new Target at Atlantic Station, so we MARTA's over there. And it was amazing -- the most Euro thing I've seen in Atlanta except for the High Museum expansion. The nearby water plant is also wicked Euro. With the invevitable bag of Target stuff, we headed home, where over at my place we watched a couple episodes of Most Haunted. They had a new psychic on and like all the other ones, he was so obviously gay. Why are all the spiritualists gay? Caleb wonders too, and he's a gay psychic.

Sleepy time
Sunday I happily did just about nothing. I slept on the counch overnight, stayed in bed 'til 11, then spent the entire day drifting between: listening to 30s/40s music on XM, doing crosswords, picking up the bedroom, finishing off the photo web site, doing laundry, and napping. I think I had two naps yesterday. Didn't leave the apartment even once all day, although I did get dressed.

Parental update
So Mom called last night around 9. I know I've been neglectful about calling when she calls me. Although she pointed out that she could call me any time and calls do not have to be daughter-to-mother. But anyway, as usual we talked for about an hour. Mom dropped several surprise announcements on me, not having bothered to tell me before. For one thing, Dad has cataracts and is temporarily barred from driving until he has an operation early next year. In a positive development, this means Mom has to drive him to the exercise place they're going, which means Mom is exericising. There's a place that has facilities and programs especially for people over 70, so they're both being eased into exercise. Other things? Mom is still working (remotely) for the Andover Unitarian church. And she's getting a cabinet for the china and wineglasses. Mundane stuff, but I like to be in the know.

The furball enjoyed me being home a lot this weekend. Sunday she was very playful, batting about her new flashy ball, launching attacks on lettuce, leaping onto furniture, prowling around the piggies' cage, jumping around under the sheets on my bed. And when she wasn't doing that she was of course either staring at me (that cat has the most intense stare!) or sleeping. Re ringworm, it's healed but she has a bald spot the size of a nickel on her head. Hmmm.

Their caze had gotten really grody again so I cleaned it out Saturday. Ew! Really must pay more attention to cleaning it in a timely manner. Meanwhile the piggies themseles had gotten pretty grody, so I gave them a bath. I actually put them in the bathtub for it. No swimming this time, but I did pour bowls of water over them and get them nice and sopped. Then I towel-dried them and set them up in a corral on the kitchen table with some towels under them. They were there a few hours while they dried.

There was more that went on but that's all I can think up right now.
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From fridayfiver -- Random

1. What's your personal hell?
Let's see: Having sex with a KKK member on the chemically sprayed lawn of a cheap subdivision in Gwinnett County while Ja Rule "sings" some "sexy" music.

2. Do you prefer brightly lit rooms or dim spaces?
Dim. (Does anyone like BRIGHT places?)

3. What's the weather like today?
Nice, slightly crisp fall weather. Mostly overcast. Were that it could last.

4. Is it easy to be you?
If you accept the same things I accept as part and parcel of being me, yeah, sure. 99% of people in the world are worse off than I am.

5. Friday fill-in:
My heaven is ____.

My heaven is sitting in Central Park eating ice cream and chatting with a beautiful woman who's giving me a back rub and threatening to abscond with me to the Ramble.


Both Hell and Heaven involve sex. That SO makes sense!
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My mom is cool

Just remembered a bit from my phone chat with Mom last night. She was talking about all the articles I email her, as a way of staying connected to her and entertaining her.

Wendy: Yeah, all those random articles from all over.
Mom: Ha. You do send some strange stuff.
Wendy: Ha.
Mom: But you know that article on... the gays in nursing homes?
Wendy: Yeah?
Mom: That was so terribly depressing. I couldn't even finish it. That's horrible.
Wendy: Isn't it.
Mom: That is so sad, to be treated like that. By your own neighbors! But I guess, yeah, that's the generation*.
Wendy: Yeah.
Mom: Hopefully things will get better.

Two thumbs up for Mom. We talked about it a bit more and I was just having a warm and fuzzy moment based on how compassionate she is. She would never be one of those oldsters harassing the old gay couple next door. She's probably be going over there for tea and suggestion on wallpaper. Not that I've ever known Mom to know any gay people, but do I know she would get on with such? Oh yes, of that I'm sure!

* Mom and Dad's generation.